B.A. in Art History

  • Andrew Hennlich speaking with students at a show

The art history curriculum emphasizes a necessary multicultural approach. Our faculty present a diverse array of perspectives and areas, including Asian, African, Native American and Western, covering periods from the prehistoric to the contemporary. We encourage the serious student to explore this field outside of the classroom through internships with regional art organizations and/or study abroad.

We are committed to fostering in our students the level of growth and sophistication necessary for successful entrance into the job market or graduate school, which includes the development of a keen eye and a creative intellect, knowledge of recent critical methods and effective communication skills, both verbal and written.

CURRICULUM: Bachelor of arts IN ART History

Required courses—9 credits

  • 2200 History of Art Pre-historic to Renaissance
  • 2210 History of Art Renaissance to Modern
  • 2220 History of African, Oceanic and the Americas or 2230 Survey of Asian Art History

3000 level requirements—12 credits

  • 3270 Writing About Art History

Choose one from each area:

Area I—3 credits

  • 3210 Topics in Art History (with an Ancient to Baroque topic)
  • 3810 Greek and Roman Art
  • 3830 Medieval Art
  • 3850 Renaissance Art
  • 3860 Baroque Art 

Area II—3 credits

  • 3210 Topics in Art History (with a 19-Century to Modern topic)
  • 3880 19th Century European and American Art
  • 3890 European and American Art 1900-1945
  • 3900 20th Century Art: 1945-present
  • 3910 Women in Art
  • 3920 Twentieth Century Design History
  • HIST 3150 Popular Art and Architecture in America 

Area III—3 credits

  • 3210 Topics in Art History (with a non-Western topic)
  • 3630 Native American Art
  • 3640 African Art
  • 3650 Chinese Art
  • 3660 Japanese Art
  • 3670 Art of India
4000-5000 Level Requirements—10 credits
5270 Art History Methods—3 credits
4990 Senior Thesis—1 credit

Choose one—3 credits

  • 4350 Art of the Book
  • 4360 Contemporary/Alternative Art
  • 4370 History of Photography
  • 4660 Buddhist Art
  • HIST 4680 Russian Art and Art Patronage

Choose one—3 credits

  • 5210 Topics in Art History: Variable Topics
  • 5220 Topics in Medieval and Renaissance Art
  • 5230 Topics in Modern Art
  • 5240 Topics in Native American and African Art
  • 5250 Topics in Asian Art

5000 Level Electives

  • 5200 Independent Study in Art History
  • 5290 Art History Internship

Approved elective requirement—9 credits

Choose nine hours of electives from: art history courses, art major studio courses, courses numbered 3000 or above in the departments of history, English and comparative religion, literature courses in the Department of Foreign Language and Literature, archeology and cultural anthropology courses in the Department of Anthropology, The following courses in the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences: 2510 (Period Interiors I), 2520 (Period Interiors II) and 3260 (History of Costume) and Philosophy 3120 (Philosophy of Art).

Foreign language requirement—8 credits

Eight hours of one foreign language are required. French and German are recommended as research languages, however, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese or other languages approved by the Art History faculty can also be applied to the requirement. Students may test out of this requirement by placement into the 2000 level or above on a Foreign Language Proficiency Examination. The foreign language requirement credits are counted under Proficiency Area 4 of the General Education requirements.

Summary of Art History Major

  • Art Major—40 credits
  • General Education—37 credits
  • University Electives—45 credits
  • Total Credit Hours—122 credits

Students should consult the WMU catalog for the foundation art program course descriptions and requirements.

WMU Catalog