B.F.A. with an emphasis in Sculpture

  • sculpture project in the student gallery
  • student using a band saw
  • sculpture project in student gallery
  • students pouring metal into molds

Video of WMU Frostic School of Art Tour: 3D Art
The sculpture program is committed to bringing students a wide range of effective study opportunities in the pursuit of their individual sculptural language. Our program contains comprehensive outlines to address all levels of development, from foundation to graduate studies in sculpture. Our faculty is experienced in presenting forms of sculpture ranging from the traditional to some of the latest contemporary trends. We present students with a diverse array of technical skills including bronze casting, metal fabrication and strategies in installation. All processes are presented through demonstrations, presentations and special workshops with safety as the top priority. Not only will students be expected to work on projects in a classroom environment and their individual studio settings, but they will also be given rare opportunities with the sculpture tour program to interact and assist visiting artists when they present workshops and install their large-scale sculptures on campus. 



Basic studies requirement—12 credits

  • 1040 Object Drawing*
  • 1050 Drawing Studio*
  • 1070 Form and Surface*
  • 1080 Form and Space*

*Prerequisites for all studio art and art education majors and minors

Writing—3 credits

  • 3250 Writing About Art

Art history—12 credits

  • 2200 Caves to Cathedrals
  • 2210 Modern and Postmodern
  • Art history elective 3000-4000 level
  • Art history elective 3000-4000 level

Sculpture emphasis requirement—21 credits

  • 2310 Sculpture I
  • 3310 Sculpture II
  • 5310 Sculpture Workshop (15 hrs.)

Art studio electives—34 credits

  • Three hours of non-western art history, and all art education credits, may be applied to the elective requirement.

Graduation presentation—3 credits

  • 4930 Graduation Preparation

Summary of B.F.A. in art with an emphasis in sculpture

  • Art Major—85 credits
  • General Education—37 credits
  • Total Credit Hours—122 credits

Students should consult the WMU catalog for the sculpture program course descriptions and requirements.

WMU catalog

Portfolio reviews

Portfolio reviews for admission into the B.F.A. program with an emphasis in ceramics will be held in the second week of November and March. 




The sculpture area is divided into several workspaces, each with a specific function to assist students in the visualization and construction of their work.  

Studio classroom spaces

All advanced students use this space as a community-working studio. This area contains a metal shop with a fabrication area, bronze pouring facilities and a burnout kiln.  There is also a laser cutter and 3D printer available to assist students in creating their projects. 


The courtyard area is primarily used for metal finishing, the opening of molds, carving and shipping and receiving.

Multi-purpose room

  • Clay figure modeling
  • Plaster casting and carving
  • Wood construction
  • Washing of plaster molds
  • Critiques of student projects
  • Process demonstrations

Wax room

The wax room is used for wax pouring and fabrications. 

Sculpture woodshop

This room supports all activities in the program. It is limited to a band saw and drill press. Numerous wood working tools are also stored here. 

Shell room

The shell room is used for the building of shell and sand molds. 

Paint room

This area is designed for the use of patinas and paints. 

B.F.A. studio area

There are also several spaces are designated for advanced student to conduct individual research and art making. 

Student Work

Student Work: Sculpture by Ricardo de Sousa Costa and Joel Fisher

Ricardo de Sousa Costa and Joel Fisher


student work: sculpture by Shawn Lefevre

Shawn Lefevre