B.F.A. with an emphasis in Printmedia

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  • student working with printmedia
  • students working with printmedia
  • students working with printmedia

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The printmedia area is an active laboratory of studio artists who engage in traditional as well as contemporary practices in printmaking. The area reflects the multi-disciplinary and ever-evolving nature of the medium, which students learn to navigate and (re)define. As such, the area emphasizes critical and creative thinking, interdisciplinary approaches and innovative research. Facilities accommodate research in relief, intaglio, lithography, screen printing, monoprinting and installation, among others. Faculty mentors work closely with students to expose them to new methods in contemporary art such as research into art, social and contextual practices. The aim is to engage students to think creatively within current practices and in relation to contemporary artists.

CURRICULUM: Bachelor of fine arts WITH AN EMPHASIS IN printmedia

Basic studies requirement—12 credits

  • 1040 Object Drawing*
  • 1050 Drawing Studio*
  • 1070 Form and Surface*
  • 1080 Form and Space*

*Prerequisites for all studio art and art education majors and minors

Writing—3 credits

  • 3250 Writing About Art

Art history—12 credits

  • 2200 History of Art
  • 2210 History of Art
  • Art history elective 3000-4000 level
  • Art history elective 3000-4000 level

Printmedia emphasis requirement—21 credits

  • 2800 Printmedia I
  • 3800 Printmedia II
  • 3000 Special Topics in Printmedia
  • 2000-3000 level printmedia elective
  • 5410 Printmedia Workshop (9 hrs.)

Art studio electives—34 credits

  • Three hours of non-western art history, and all art education credits, may be applied to the elective requirement.

Graduation presentation—3 credits

  • 4930 Graduation Preparation

Summary of Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in printmedia

  • Art Major—85 credits
  • General Education—37 credits
  • Total Credit Hours—122 credits

Students should consult the WMU catalog for the printmedia program course descriptions and requirements.

WMU catalog

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Portfolio reviews

Portfolio reviews for admission into the B.F.A. program with an emphasis in printmedia will be held in the second week of November and March.



The newly remodeled printmedia facilities accommodate all manner of contemporary and traditional processes while remaining committed to providing a healthy, non-toxic working environment. Over 4000 square feet of space houses three separate but adjacent studios in screenprinting, lithography and intaglio/relief designed to allow students to work fluidly between print media.  There is also a communal paper preparation area and dedicated computer lab for the creation of digital imagery and photomechanical transparencies.

Lithograhy studio

  • Two Brand presses (36 by 48 inch beds)
  • A Griffin press (32 by 56 inch bed)
  • A Letterpress with several type cabinets
  • A large selection of over 100 stones ranging in size from eight by 10 inches to 30 by 40 inches
  • A 12 foot double sided graining sink, and a dedicated dark room equipped with a 32 by 42 inch exposure unit.

Screenprint studio

  • A flexible working space with six printing tables
  • A 48 by 60 inch vacuum table, generous screen and flat file storage
  • A dedicated darkroom with washout sink and power washer
  • A NuArc (32 by 42 inch) format exposure unit.

Intaglio/relief studio

  • A Brand press (32 by 48 inch bed)
  • A Griffin Press  (40 by 60 inch bed)
  • A Ettan Tabletop Press (24 by 48 inch bed)
  • Two large 36 by 36 by 14-inch vertical etching tanks, acid hood and a large collection of rollers and brayers.


This blog began in the fall of 2009 to disseminate the goings on of the printmedia area at Western Michigan University. Associate Professor of Art Nichole Maury manages the site.