Art Collection

University Collection

An art collection is a necessary component to any quality institution of higher education. It creates awareness and appreciation of the visual arts and it enriches our lives in many subtle and under-appreciated ways. It can also have a transforming effect on a room as well as on one’s perception of the environment. The Western Michigan University art collection includes drawings, paintings, prints, textiles, sculptures and ceramics that are scattered across the campus in offices, hallways, conference rooms and other public areas. Its value is conservatively estimated at more than $3.5 million.

The general collection has approximately 2,500 pieces that are placed in public locations all over campus and at several WMU satellite campuses. The print collection consists of more than 850 prints that are housed in a secure storage room at the Richmond Center for Visual Arts. The outdoor sculpture collection is made up of more than 20 large sculptures placed in public areas on the main campus. The University's art collection is defined as any object purchased with WMU funds or funds gifted to the University and accepted by the University Art Collection Committee under its guidelines.

The general collection comprises art objects purchased by or donated to WMU without reference to a specific college, department or division. Its works represent from the late 18th century to the present and include student, faculty and noted local and historical artists. Unit Collections include art objects purchased by or donated to a specific college or division at WMU.

Mindi Bagnall
University Collection Curator
(269) 387-2467

Print Collection

The Print Collection is part of the WMU Art Collection and serves as an educational resource for students and faculty of the University. The collection includes over 700 prints which are housed in the Richmond Center for Visual Art. Started in 1969 by Professor Emeritus Curtis Rhodes, this extensive collection includes prints that encompass all manner of printmaking techniques from traditional to contemporary. We are fortunate to have works by a wide range of artists including emerging and well-established artists such as Robert Rauschenberg, Sol Le Witt, Claes Oldenburg, Karen Kunc, Cy Twombly and Roger Shimomura.

Nichole Maury
Associate Professor of Art
Print Collection Curator