The Frostic School of Art offers several opportunities to pursue, including programs leading to a Bachelor of Arts, a Bachelor of Fine Arts, a Bachelor of Science, or a minor.

Step 1: Apply to Western Michigan University

You must apply to Western Michigan University before or concurrently with your application to the Frostic School of Art. 

Step 2: Apply to the Frostic School of Art

Regardless of your degree or minor path, you will apply through our SlideRoom portal with 8-12 images of your best artwork.

The Frostic School of Art employs rolling admission; prospective students are invited to submit their application and portfolio any time. Admittance is determined monthly. For first year scholarship consideration, applicants must apply before February 1st.


What do I put in my portfolio application? 

The portfolio is an essential piece of how we get to know you as an artist and evaluate your skills and talent. A complete portfolio includes 8-12 original (not copied) works created within the last two years. Your portfolio should showcase your artistic strengths and abilities. The pieces in your portfolio can be assignments from art classes or personal projects. We require 8-12 pieces that may include but are not limited to photography, painting, drawing, ceramics, sculpture, video or animation, and GIFs. We strongly encourage you to include pieces that reflect your individual ideas, talents, and inspirations.

Portfolios should include the following:

  1. At least one example of a direct observation drawing or still-life

  2. At least one example of 2-dimensional artwork that is not photography

  3. The remaining works should be your strongest artwork in any medium(s)

*SlideRoom charges a $10 fee at the time of submission. For details on preparing and formatting your digital and video artwork, visit Slideroom’s applicant FAQ.

Recommendation Form

A recommendation from an art instructor, counselor, or teacher is required to be considered for our new student Gwen Frostic Scholarship. The recommendation form is sent through Slideroom to the person of your choosing’s email.

Statement of Intent

All applicants are required to write a statement of intent. The purpose of the statement of intent is to give us a sense of your creative aspirations, ideas, and goals. Respond to the following question in 500-word minimum essay through Slideroom: What are your creative & academic goals at the Frostic School of Art at Western Michigan University?

Still stuck? You can sign up for a Virtual Preliminary Portfolio Review with our Recruitment and Outreach Specialist. Preliminary Portfolio reviews will not determine your admittance, but prepare you for your submission and connect you with opportunities to visit FSoA. 

Once you have submitted your application to the Frostic School of Art, it will be reviewed and you will receive confirmation of your admission status via mailed letter. Your first year at FSoA will be a Foundation year where you will learn the "foundations" of Art and Design. During the latter half of your Foundation year, you will have the opportunity to apply to your studio concentration. Studio concentrations include Art Education, Ceramics, Graphic Design, Kinetic Imaging, Metals & Jewelry, Painting, Photography, Printmedia, and Sculpture.  Please note that admission to the Frostic School of Art does not guarantee admission to a specific concentration.


Visit us on campus!

We encourage anyone interested in Visual Arts at Western Michigan University to visit our facilities. To tour WMU and FSoA choose "Campus Tour with Academic Spotlight" as your event and select "College of Fine Arts Academic Spotlight: Art School"


Transfer Students

Students with plans to transfer to WMU and pursue a major in the Frostic School of Art are encouraged to contact the art academic advisor early in the process. Working with the art academic advisor allows prospective transfer students to discuss transferrable credit hours, create a timeline for admission and enrollment, as well as choose upcoming courses at the student’s current school. Students can also review transferrable credits and course equivalencies through the WMU Office of Admissions’ transfer guides.


If you have any questions about the Frostic School of Art or the application process, please feel free to contact our Recruitment and Outreach Specialist Rozlin Opolka at