The Gwen Frostic School of Art offers different pathways and opportunities to pursue including programs leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree, a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, or a minor.

How to apply

Step 1: Apply to WMU

You must be admitted to WMU before you can be accepted into the College of Fine Arts.

Step 2: Apply to your program

Apply to the School of Art. You can apply concurrently to both WMU and the College, you do not have to wait until you are accepted by WMU. 

Step 3: Portfolio review

Once you have submitted your application you will need to undergo portfolio review to be admitted. Portfolio reviews for all programs except Product Design are conducted online at SlideRoom.

Product Design Applications

Applying to the Product Design program requires a statement of intent, digital portfolio and a recommendation. More information on each of these application components and interview dates can be found on the Product Design Admissions page.

Transfer students

Students with plans to transfer to WMU and pursue a major in the Frostic School of Art are encouraged to contact the art academic advisor early in the process. Working with the art academic advisor allows prospective transfer students to discuss transferrable credit hours, create a timeline for admission and enrollment, as well as choose upcoming courses at the student’s current school. Students can also review transferrable credits and course equivalencies through the WMU Office of Admissions’ transfer guides.