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The Gwen Frostic School of Art offers different pathways and opportunities to pursue including programs leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree, a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, or a minor.

A Bachelor of Art is a liberal arts degree allowing more flexibility within the curriculum. The Bachelor of Art in Art degree is 54 credit hours in addition to the 37 general education credit hours (of 122 credit hours required to graduate from WMU). This degree pathway allows students to also pursue other academic areas of interest. For example, a student pursuing the B.A. in Art can also take courses leading to a double major in environmental studies or statistics, or a minor in entrepreneurship or psychology. A B.A. gives students a broader base of knowledge to draw upon in your future job. This can be extremely helpful should your career take you in an unexpected direction. We also suggest the Bachelor of Arts in Art for those interested in pursuing a graduate degree in art therapy.

A Bachelor of Fine Arts is a professional degree with a more specialized curriculum within the Frostic School of Art. The B.F.A. is generally 85 credit hours, and with the required 37 general education credit hours meets WMU’s minimum graduation requirement of 122 credit hours. Within the Bachelor of Fine Arts curriculum, students will take more courses within their desired specialty and receive additional professional development opportunities.