Frostic School of Art Enrichment Grants

Frostic School of Art Enrichment Grants enable students in the Frostic School of Art to engage in highly ambitious research and/or creative activities. Applicants may request funding to support research projects and art production. Expenditures may include supplies, services, travel (domestic or international) and/or equipment. Funds will be disbursed by the WMU Student Financial Aid and Scholarships Office directly to student accounts. Expenditures supported by these grants include:

  • Materials, supplies, and services related to the creation of artworks or research papers
  • Research materials related to the creation of art works or research papers
  • Travel or preparatory work related to the creation of art works or research papers.
  • Equipment related to the creation of artworks or research papers. $400 limit on any equipment purchases.

NOTE: Proposals for expenses related to immersive art experiences such as internships with art museums, institutions, and studios; apprenticeships with area artists; or attendance at selected lectures, exhibitions, art collections, libraries, artist residencies, workshops, or conferences are reviewed under the DeVries Professional Immersion Grant.

Application Deadline

Second Friday in November

Award amount

  • Up to $750
  • Multiple awards

Eligibility criteria

  • Art major
  • Full time status
  • The proposed activity must be completed before students graduate
  • No outstanding final reports for Frostic School of Art Grants and Scholarships

Application process

Funding is awarded on the basis of brief proposals submitted by eligible students. Proposals should describe a project and/or activity that advances the applicant’s research or creative work.

Applications must include:

  • Five studio images or a writing sample for Art History Majors
  • Statement of the nature of your project 
  • Project Timeline
  • Project Budget
  • Artist Statement
  • Resume
  • Statement of tangible outcomes
  • Plan for dissemination of results
  • Faculty recommendation form is required in SlideRoom
  • Slideroom Application at



  • Enrichment grant final report