Student Organizations

AIGA: The Professional Organization for Design 

The purpose of the Western Michigan University chapter of AIGA is to create an affiliation with the national design association AIGA and to provide student activities that integrate an understanding of design business, design ethics and design practice. Learn more about the graphic design major

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Ceramics Guild

The goal of the Ceramics Guild at Western Michigan University is to provide a supportive environment to raise student's knowledge and appreciation for ceramic art, as well as interact with the local and national ceramics community. Learn more about the ceramics major

Metal Alchemists Collective

The Metal Alchemists Collective at Western Michigan University provides its members with a supportive community that will share technical information, provide opportunities to exhibit and sell work and promote the metals program at WMU within the local and national arts community. Learn more about the metals program.

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Photography and Intermedia Collective

The Photography and Intermedia Collective is a nonhierarchical organization that seeks to further the creative development of its members and expose the community to fine art, through exhibitions and events. The organization is involved in two to three exhibitions per semester, which could range from on campus, in the state, or around the country. Often there is a common theme for the exhibit, other times; it is a diverse collection of work showing the member's personal style and artistic direction. The photography and intermedia collective travels to different cities to visit museums, galleries, install shows and make connections with other students and professionals to further our futures and the future of the organization.

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