Staff Directory

Photo of Kevin Abbott
Director of CFA VITALs Lab and Instructor of Kinetic Imaging
(269) 387-5010
Photo of Chad Bagge
Ceramics & Sculpture Technician
(269) 387-2536
Photo of Nick Gauthier
Director of Academic Advising
(269) 387-2440
Photo of Joshua Kosker
Art Shop Supervisor and Area Coordinator of Foundation Art
(269) 387-2462
Photo of Adriane Little
Director, Frostic School of Art
(269) 387-2436
Photo of Dave Marlatt
Administrative Assistant, Art Office and Design Center
(269) 387-2435
Photo of Pam Mottley
Budget Analyst
(269) 387-2437
Coordinator of Exhibitions
(269) 387-2467
Photo of Rozlin Opolka
Recruitment and Outreach Specialist
(269) 387-2473
Photo of Paul Sizer
Assistant Director, Design Center
(269) 387-2435