Business Law

The business law major is an interdisciplinary program housed in Western Michigan University's Department of  Finance and Commercial Law within the Haworth College of Business. It is designed for students with varied interests, including those considering attending law school, a career in criminal justice, or in business or government, where a working knowledge of legal issues and the legal system would be useful. The business law major provides undergraduate students with a foundation in the law from several diverse disciplines, enhancing critical thinking skills and providing a sound background in legal issues.

Business Law Requirements


If you have questions or concerns related to your coursework, or you seek career advising, contact a faculty member listed below:

Dr. Carol Hustoles
Office: 3276 Schneider | (269) 387-5786
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Dr. Norman Hawker
Office: 3146 Schneider | (269) 387-6118
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Dr. Justin Pace
Office: 3234 Schneider | (269) 387-5728
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