Business Law

Video of Craft your career at WMU Haworth: Business law major


At the Haworth College of Business, students craft their careers with experiences that take them outside the classroom and their comfort zones, leading to increased confidence and job opportunities. Hear from Maddie—in her own words—about how WMU Haworth has supported her.

Business law

Are you interested in pursuing an accelerated Juris Doctor degree, saving you time and money while getting a quality undergraduate education? Not interested in law school, but interested in a law-related career? Then business law is the right major for you! The interdisciplinary nature of this program will give you a competitive edge in your career because you will be able to understand and solve problems at the intersection of law and business. This major will also prepare you to use your law-related skills in the formation and operation of your own business and in areas such as real estate and mediation services. The business law major provides you with a foundation in the law from several diverse disciplines, enhancing critical thinking skills and providing a sound background in legal issues. Invest in your future and learn what you can do with a business law degree from WMU!

Business Law Requirements


If you have questions or concerns related to your coursework, or you seek career advising, contact the faculty member listed below:

Dr. Norman Hawker
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