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Experience-driven learning

Looking into your future, you will one day be applying for a job that you really want—the dream job that will start your career. With an education from WMU Haworth, you will be the candidate that lands that job! 

As a Business Bronco, you will partake in experience-driven learning, which gives you professional experience while you are still in college. Many students graduate with a skill set that is equivalent to at least one year of professional-level experience. Taking advantage of these opportunities will make you ultra-competitive for the job of your dreams.

With more than 350 experiences to select from over four years, you are on the fast track to your future. Discover some examples of experience-driven learning in the Haworth College of Business.

  • WMU Haworth has been an integral part of my professional development. All of my courses gave me problem-solving, communication and time-management skills which I transferred to my internship and will apply to my full-time position after graduation.

    Josie Thomas, accountancy student

Internships and RSOs

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Registered student organizations

Joining a student organization is one way you will find your people. You'll develop lifelong friends, attend educational events, gain access to potential employers, develop a network and enjoy social life with connections that will last well beyond your college years. Learn more at Business Bash, an event that occurs in fall and spring semesters, which provides an introduction to all student organizations.



The ultimate in experience, an internship gives you relevant work history in your field and teaches you about your industry, teamwork and leadership, all while making you more marketable for your next career opportunity.

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Career resources

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    Career readiness programs

    WMU Haworth offers many programs that prepare you for the workforce. The Zhang Career Center will help you develop the skills to confidently articulate and demonstrate your career readiness to potential employers and land career opportunities.

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    Student Professional Readiness Series

    The Student Professional Readiness Series (SPuRS) ensures that you graduate with the top competencies desired by employers, as defined by the National Association of Colleges and Employers. SPuRS collaborates often with the Zhang Career Center.

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    Business Externship Program

    The Business Externship Program puts you in contact with employers so you can get an insider’s view of career pathways you are interested in. Since this experience comes before you are fully enrolled in your major coursework, it helps with major selection.

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    Certification exams

    Many academic programs and student organizations can prepare you to take professional certification exams. These exams can open the door to career opportunities and verify that you have the key skills needed in your chosen field.

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    Case competitions

    Nearly all of the academic programs are involved in statewide, regional and national case competitions. You can gain valuable experience with emerging business issues, test your skills against students from other schools and network with industry leaders.

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    Consulting projects

    Consulting projects offer many opportunities for you to analyze company fundamentals, apply concepts and provide real recommendations for a business seeking advice. Consulting allows you to get experience that sets you apart.

Academic opportunities

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    Asking valuable questions is a crucial skill that leads to your success as a student and professional. The college has created a comprehensive program, called FRAME™, to help you become adept at this important skill, which is cited as very important by employers.

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    Study abroad

    When you study abroad, you'll become immersed in new environments, learn about different cultures and embrace all that the world has to offer. Choose from short-course study abroad opportunities and full-semester programs. Learn all about global business while also pushing yourself outside your comfort zone.

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    Robert S. Kaiser Sales, Negotiation and Leadership Lab

    The Robert S. Kaiser Sales, Negotiation and Leadership Lab provides you with the hands-on experience that it takes to become great at sales. The realistic selling scenarios used in the lab allow you to become well-versed in sales in every format.

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    Service learning

    Many business students find opportunities for expanding their knowledge while helping others. Service learning is incorporated into courses, and many student organizations assist nonprofits in the community in various ways.

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    Starting Gate student business accelerator

    Starting Gate is a student business accelerator that offers you valuable resources to develop a startup. The accelerator is open to all WMU students through a competitive application process where you must demonstrate a promising idea.

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    Student Managed Investment Fund

    The Student Managed Investment Fund lets you manage investments using all the tools that experienced investment managers use, including Bloomberg and Morningstar software. The fund manages several million dollars.

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