Photo of Kelley O'Reilly
(269) 387-6133
Photo of Jessica Pelkey
Administrative Assistant II
(269) 387-6061
Photo of Sakif Amin
Assistant Professor of Marketing
(269) 387-5247
Photo of JoAnn Atkin
Associate Professor of Marketing
(269) 387-6238
Photo of Scott Cowley
Associate Professor of Marketing
(269) 387-5265
Photo of Sime Curkovic
Daugherty Integrated Supply Management Fellow
(269) 387-5413
Photo of Jim Eckert
Associate Professor of Marketing
(269) 387-5799
Photo of Bruce Ferrin
Professor of Marketing
(269) 387-6145
Photo of Greg Gerfen
Executive-In-Residence of Advertising and Promotion
(269) 387-5477
Photo of Teresa Greenlees
Instructor of Marketing
(269) 387-5794
Photo of Robert Harrison
Professor of Marketing
(269) 387-5261
Photo of Tom Kelly
Director of the Center for Integrated Supply Management
(269) 387-4143
Photo of Karen Lancendorfer
Professor of Marketing
(269) 387-5996
Photo of Duke Leingpibul
Professor of Marketing
(269) 387-4249
Photo of Alhassan Mumuni
Professor of Marketing
(269) 387-5269
Photo of Steve Newell
Associate Dean of Operations and Graduate Programs and Professor of Marketing
(269) 387-5067
Photo of Mary Nielsen
Faculty Specialist II of Marketing
(269) 387-6191
Photo of Gerardo "Mac" Rincon
Instructor of Marketing
(269) 387-5477
Photo of Bob Samples
Executive-In-Residence of Food and Consumer Package Goods Marketing
(269) 387-6122
Photo of Tom Scannell
Professor of Marketing
(269) 387-5263
Photo of Ann Veeck
Professor of Marketing
(269) 387-6140
Photo of Zac Williams
Professor of Marketing
(269) 387-6166
Photo of Jeffrey Xie
Associate Professor of Marketing
(269) 387-5639
Photo of Lisa Youtzy
Administrative Assistant of the Food and Consumer Package Goods Marketing Program
(269) 387-2132
Photo of Marcel Zondag
Director of the Center for Food Industry Research, Director of the Integrated Supply Managment Program
(269) 387-5998
Photo of Russell Zwanka
Director of the Food and Consumer Package Goods Marketing Program