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    Business magazine

    From stories about first place finishes for student teams to exploration and personal growth: The 2022 edition of Business magazine is now available.

  • Ready, set, business

    You will be immersed in the business world from your first days on campus. Early career-building opportunities will help you decide what major is right for you.

  • Demetrias Wolverton, The 30, 2022 honoree is sitting in a low lit room. There is a yellow circle-pattern to the right of them.

    Meet The 30, 2022

    The Haworth College of Business is proud to introduce the 2022 honorees.

  • Career ready

    Gain confidence and build your personal brand through the Zhang Career Center. The center helps you take your business skills to the next level and land externships, internships and full-time opportunities.

  • Learning spaces

    Our facilities dedicated to sales, personal financial planning, leadership and business strategy, and computer information systems allow you to learn in realistic business environments, complete with the latest technology.

  • Group of five students sitting at a conference table talking and looking at documents.

    Experiential learning

    WMU Haworth offers experiences that help you sharpen your skills and build your resume.

Rethink Smart.

It’s more than book smarts. More important than IQ. It’s the pursuit of purpose, daring to think differently, and not being afraid to question answers. We call it Rethink Smart. Are you ready? At the Haworth College of Business, we are committed to helping you achieve your vision for the future. We offer experience-based learning that will prepare you for a successful, meaningful career. 

Once you're in, you're in!

We invest in student success from day one. You will begin core business courses immediately so that you can find the area in business where you will thrive personally and professionally. And unlike many business schools, there are no caps on majors. If you are successful in your core business courses, we are confident you will be successful in your major and career. In fact, 9 of 10 WMU Haworth graduates are employed or in grad school within three months of earning their degrees. Faculty support, academic advising and career advising will help you make smart choices for your future.

  • Dennivan Brunt stands in front of monitor in conference room

    Entrepreneurship students take the stage for Demo Day 2022

    Four students in the Starting Gate program bravely took the stage during Demo Day 2022 to present their businesses to an audience of faculty, students and community members.

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  • Ashley Kordish posing in front of a dark background

    The road to success: Q and A with Ashley Kordish, CEO of Ralph Moyle

    Ashley Kordish, B.B.A.'14, was recently named CEO at Ralph Moyle. She talks about her experience as a woman in supply chain and goals for the company moving forward.

    Read her story

  • Emily and Christina Pehlis sitting at a conference table

    WMU: The best decision I ever made

    Christina Pehlis chose to major in finance and her passion for the program persuaded sister Emily to follow in her footsteps. They talk about their shared experiences and parallel paths at WMU and beyond.

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