Two students working together in front of a laptop.


When you're a business student at WMU Haworth, you're surrounded by people who are here to help you succeed. We provide a variety of tutoring resources to make your coursework easier and enjoyable. Regardless of the class or project, you will be able to find the help you need to shine in the classroom.

Our peer tutors have been where you are and have great advice on how to navigate assignments and meet expectations, thanks to their close contact with the departments and faculty at WMU Haworth.


  • Two students working together in front of a laptop.


In addition to the tutoring offered right here in Schneider Hall, the Merze Tate College runs the Bronco Study Zone for numerous courses across campus. The Bronco Study Zone is a one-stop model to support students, keeping you on track academically.


Dallas Rauker Tutoring Center

The Dallas Rauker Tutoring Center provides one-on-one tutoring assistance to Western Michigan University students studying in a number of areas. Tutoring is available for students taking BUS 1750 – Applying Business Fundamentals.

Located in Schneider Hall, the center was named in memory of Dallas Rauker, a Haworth College of Business student who passed away in 2015. The center helps students perform better in their courses by providing more opportunities to work with the material, something Rauker was always willing to do with his fellow classmates.

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About Dallas Rauker

Dallas Rauker had a passion for life, adventure and learning. A supply management major and international business minor, he was an excellent student who took his studies seriously and was always looking for ways to apply the concepts he was learning in class in real-life scenarios and global contexts.

During his freshman year at WMU, he traveled to Australia for a business immersion course and followed that up with a semester-long study abroad in the Netherlands.

Rauker enjoyed skydiving, golf, snowboarding, wakeboarding, skateboarding and hiking. He was determined to make the most out of every experience, and though his life was short, he did just that.