Calendar of SPuRS-Approved Events

Self-guided activities 

We have available for you some SPuRS-approved self guided activity options that can be completed online at any time through ExperienceWMU.

Foundational level options                                                 

Personal and Interpersonal Knowledge                                            

  • Build Your Brand Workbook (Part 1)                                                              
  • FOCUS assessment

Professional Insight

  • Company Research & Position Analysis
  • LinkedIn profile

Leadership and Service

  • Big Interview Engagement (Foundational)
  • Handshake profile
  • Best Practices for Interviewing Video Series 


Advanced level options

Personal and Interpersonal Knowledge

  • Build Your Brand Workbook (Parts 1 and 2)
  • Art of Negotiation Video Series 

Professional Insight

  • Informational Interviews with Employers
  • Report an Internship Experience
  • Advanced Company Research

Leadership and Service

  • Big Interview Engagement (Advanced)
  • Report a Volunteer Experience
  • The Jungle Podcast Review and Reflection

Instructions on how to complete and report these self-guided activities are found in ExperienceWMU.  

The video links below can answer most questions regarding ExperienceWMU and how to submit an audit.

SPuRS video tutorials

What is SPuRS – Program Overview

Navigating ExperienceWMU

How to Report a Self-Guided Activity

How to Process My SPuRS Audit


If you have additional questions, please email us at or call 269-387-5131.