Calendar of SPuRS-Approved Events

Upcoming events

* Events with an asterisk (*) require registration. Click on the event link for details. Event dates and times are subject to change. Some events will require you to present your Western student ID or be able to present your WIN number at the end of the presentation.

Online Options

With the extension of Distance Education, we have available for you some SPuRS-approved self guided activity options that can be completed online through ExperienceWMU.

Foundational Level Options                                                 

Personal & Interpersonal Knowledge                                            

  • Build Your Brand Workbook (Part 1)                                                              
  • FOCUS assessment

Personal Insight

  • Company Research & Position Analysis
  • LinkedIn profile

Leadership & Service

  • Big Interview Engagement (Foundational)
  • Handshake profile
  • Best Practices for Interviewing Video Series

Advanced Level Options

Personal & Interpersonal Knowledge

  • Build Your Brand Workbook (Parts 1 and 2)
  • Art of Negotiation Video Series 

Professional Insight

  • Informational Interviews with Employers
  • Report an Internship Experience

Leadership & Service

  • Big Interview Engagement (Advanced)
  • Report a Volunteer Experience
  • The Jungle Podcast Review and Reflection

Instructions on how to complete and report these self-guided activities are found in ExperienceWMU. 

The video links below can answer most questions regarding ExperienceWMU and how to submit an audit.

SPuRS Video Tutorials:

What is SPuRS – Program Overview

Navigating ExperienceWMU

How to Process My SPuRS Audit


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