Get an internship

  • Plan to complete at least one internship while at WMU.
  • Review the WMU Internship Catalog to identify potential internship sites aligned with your major.
  • Start planning and researching three semesters before your intended internship.
  • Contact your academic advisor to determine if an internship is required in your field of study; identify the requirements and time frame.
  • Network with students who completed internships, professors, and professionals in the field. Establish a professional LinkedIn account.
  • Visit Career and Student Employment Services to prepare your application materials and practice interviewing.
  • Register with Handshake and other internship resources to be alerted to opportunities as they are posted.
  • Immediately after your internship, update your resume with newly acquired skills and accomplishments.
  • Keep in touch with the professionals who have mentored you during your internship.

Internship search sites

WMU Internship Catalog

 Handshake Logo


Western Michigan University's online internship and job board.

Parker Dewey 

Micro-internship listings board:  micro-internships are short-term, paid, professional assignments that are similar to those given to new hires or interns.

College Recruiter

Remote paid internships.


Internship search board.

Intern in Michigan 

Connects employers and internship seekers in Michigan. 

Internships and jobs in the nonprofit sector.

National and international internship and job opportunities.

National and international internship and job opportunities.


Database of international students interested in obtaining internships or jobs through CPT, OPT, or employer sponsored visas.