Photo of WMU Signature gradutes

About WMU Signature

WMU Signature is a program created to encourage all students to complete a culminating integrative learning project. A Signature Experiences is tangible experience students initiate where they apply what they have learned in and out of the classroom to real-world problems. Each student’s Signature Experience is unique to them and related to their purpose, denoted by their chosen pathway. Research has shown employers are looking for future employees who have completed these types of experiences. All Western students have the opportunity to complete a Signature Experience and be recognized by the University.

Examples of Signature Experiences

  • A project you played a lead role on during an internship or co-op.
  • A research project.
  • Work led as part of a Registered Student Organization.
  • A project completed in the community.
  • Running or starting a business or organization.

Criteria for a Signature Experience

  • Should be the experience, or one of the experiences, a student is most proud of during their time as a WMU student.
  • Must be student initiated or directed.
  • Cannot be completed for an academic requirement.
  • Should take about a semester to complete, though some will be completed in less time and many will take more time.
  • Should integrate multiple areas of learning, both from in the classroom and outside the classroom.
  • Must be an example of putting a student’s purpose into action.

Get Started

Have not completed a Signature Experience Yet - Optional Steps


Already Started/Completed your Signature Experience
  1.  Complete Signature Experience submission form
  2. Get feedback and approval
  3. Write 2-5 minute script
  4. Get feedback
  5. Film 2-5 minute video


Recent WMU Signature Experiences

  • Video of Cate Sanderfoot - "Sustain Your Ability to Recycle"

    Cate Sanderfoot

    Sustain Your Ability to Recycle

    Leadership Pathway

  • Video of Katie Fiore - "WMU Skating: Executive Board Restructure"

    Katie Fiore

    WMU Skating: Executive Board Restructure

    Leadership Pathway

  • Video of Safa Saeed - "International Inclusion through Global Engagement"

    Safa Saeed

    International Inclusion through Global Engagement

    Global Engagement Pathway

  • Video of Carly Walter - "Ensuring Food Security for Unhoused/Transitional Housed Kalamazoo Folks"

    Carly Walter

    Ensuring Food Security for Unhoused/Transitional Housed Kalamazoo Folks

    Social Justice Pathway

WMU Signature Designation

Western Michigan University recognizes that engagement outside of the classroom can contribute to student learning and development. In response, the University created a framework, WMU Signature, for students to intentionally engage on campus and meaningfully reflect on their experiences. To celebrate students' co-curricular achievements, the University will officially recognize students who have successfully completed their WMU Signature by including a WMU Signature Designation on their academic transcripts and diploma.

Western Michigan University is the only institution that is currently including a co-curricular designation on the academic transcript and the diploma.