Student Employee Appreciation Week

Nominations are open for 2023!

Nominate your star student employee for Student Employee of the Year! Recognize their hard work and contributions to WMU by nominating them via this form for the Gary L Belleville Student Employee of the Year award.

Nominations are due February 1, 2023, by 11:55 p.m.

Updates to the process:

  • Only nominate one student employee per job title/functional area of your team.
  • Judges will evaluate these criteria to score nominations; including examples of these criteria will make the nomination more competitive.
  • You can nominate both student employees paid from your department budget and from federal work study awards.
  • You can nominate both undergraduate and graduate students.


Student employee appreciation week 2023

  • Student employee appreciation week will be formally celebrated the week of April 10 - more details to come!
  • The campus winners will be announced the week of April 10 for Student Employee of the Year (Undergraduate), Student Employee of the Year (Graduate), and Supervisor of Student Employees of the Year.


  • Gary L Belleville Student Employee and Supervisor of the Year Awards
    • The week is dedicated to student employees. It is a time to recognize all the hard work and contributions that they make to Western Michigan University and the greater community.  The past year has been like no other. Take some time to celebrate your student staff. This event offers the opportunity to nominate outstanding students and student supervisors for the Student and Supervisor of the Year award.
    • Student employees work in most campus departments. Their work ranges from cashiers to graduate assistants. WMU employs approximately 3,500 during the fall/spring semesters. Campus student employment allows students to build skills, explore career options, and make meaningful contributions to the university and community. . Supervisors are encouraged to nominate their outstanding student employees for Student Employee of the Year.
    • Student Supervisors play a key role in hiring, training, reviewing and modeling key skills and behaviors. These modeled skills and behaviors are meant to foster the development of skilled, competent student employees. Students are encouraged to nominate their outstanding supervisor for Supervisor of the Year.
    • One major activity of Student Employee Appreciation Week includes honoring all nominations and winners for the Student Employee and the Supervisor of the Year. The names of the winning student and supervisor will be forwarded to a competition through the Midwest Association of Student Employment Administrators (MASEA).
  • Recognition ideas

    Recognition Ideas for Student Employees

    Here are some ideas:
    • Treat day - full-time staff bring in treats for student employees.
    • Take pictures - post student employee pictures and list what wonderful things they do for your department.
    • Send a special "thank you" letter to your student employees to show your appreciation.
    • Buy blank certificates and use them recognize students' strengths.
    • Office party - celebrate with food and great conversation.
    • Friendship plants - take cuttings from a plant in the office and give to each student as a live connection to the office.
    • Pat on the back - draw an outline of your hand on a piece of paper and copy for each student. Write a note that tells the student why they deserve it.
    • Use this week as an opportunity to start an award recognition program. Look around the office for a white elephant item. Name the item for the award and make the first presentation of it during Student Employee Appreciation Week.
    • Make a banner to hang for the whole week in your office.
    • Decorate an office bulletin board or the office door for the week in recognition of your students.
    • Good Egg Award - buy plastic eggs, fill them with goodies and give out with "good egg" certificates. List what the student did to deserve the award.
    • Care package with cookies and treats.
    • Evaluate your student employee's performance and give them feedback.
    • Buy a pizza for your students or have a potluck.
    • Gather gift certificates from local vendors.
    • An award ceremony for your student staff.
    • Consider setting up a professional development presentation or workshop for your Student Employees; request one here through this form. It will help them identify their transferable skills, enable clearer communication with prospective employers, and promoting professionalism. 
  • 2022 winners and nominees

    Congratulations to our 2022 Winners

    Rachel Kirkolis, Ali Schroeder, and Dr. Jennifer Harrison


    Student employee of the year 2022 nominees

    Abigail Garcia

    Afrida Abha Amin

    Andy Kaliyati

    Antonia Kistler-Ellis

    Archana Shrestha

    August Glei

    Aya Miller

    Bri Borger

    Brooke Oakley

    Brooke Papin

    Ca'Jon Martin

    Chelsey Dey

    Cheng Kidd Sung

    CJ Monroe

    Collin Schmidt

    Drake Babbitt

    Emma Kuechler

    Ethan Galvin

    Eva Gathoni Gichinga

    HanaLi Gilbert

    Israel Jose Medrano-Almonte

    Jasmine Koh

    Jillian Bright

    Justin Alexander Brown

    Katie Hufford

    Kenny Olaiya

    Kyle Bixler

    Lane Ann Rumel

    Liam Malone

    Lilia Oldenburg

    Mackenzie VanSickle

    Madeline Mularski

    Madison Wegner

    Marcus Major

    Mariah Good

    Marina Myers

    Matt Duque

    Megan Kleehammer

    Melissa Paduk

    Molly Farrell

    Muaaz Khalid

    Payton Prince

    Pierce Weber

    Priscilla Pinchem

    Ruth Seiler

    Samantha Morehead

    Sarah Woolsey

    Scooter Briody

    Shelby Hagle

    Sophia Prokos

    Tyler Schrauben

    Valarie Ward

    Wiley Harris-Anderson

    Winifred Wilson

    Zoe Bowers

    Supervisor of the Year 2022 nominees

    Alexandra Nixon

    Alvis Fong

    Amanda Jeppesen

    Andrea Mellendorf

    Anita Li

    Anne Quadokus

    Autumn Jager

    Betsy Drummer

    Betty Adams

    Connor Kirkpatrick

    Lisa DeChano-Cook

    Emily Johnson

    Geralyn Heystek

    Heidi Kleyn

    Jaime Long

    Jason Jach

    Jim Herman

    Jinseok Kim

    John Winchell

    Judy Custer

    Kate Bates

    Kathleen Baker

    Mark Shreiner

    Mark St. Martin

    Megan Kowalske

    Michael Famino

    Nick Gauthier

    Pablo Gomez

    Pamela E Hoppe

    Scot Conant

    Shaneka Johnson

    Stephen Hasenick

    Sue Murray

    Will Stutz

    Winifred E Wilson