Student Employee Appreciation Week

Celebrate Student Staff - week of february 18, 2019

Nominate student Employees

Nominate supervisors of student employees


  • Career and Student Employment Services hosts the annual Student Employee Appreciation Week celebration in February. The week is dedicated to student employees and is a time to recognize all the hard work and contributions that they make to Western Michigan University and the greater community.  Take some time to celebrate your student staff.  This event offers the opportunity to nominate outstanding students and student supervisors for the Student and Supervisor of the Year award.
  • Student employees work in most campus departments. Their work ranges from cashiers to graduate assistants. WMU employs approximately 3,500 during the fall/spring semesters. Campus student employment allows students to build skills, explore career options, and make meaningful contributions to the university and community. Supervisors, nominate your outstanding student employees for Student Employee of the Year.
  • Student Supervisors play a key role in hiring, training, reviewing and modeling key skills and behaviors that foster the development of skilled, competent student employees. Students, nominate your outstanding supervisor for Supervisor of the Year.
  • The 2019 Student Employee Appreciation Week is February 18-22. One major activity of Student Employee Appreciation Week includes honoring all nominations and presenting awards to the Student Employee of the Year and the Supervisor of the Year during a reception. This year's reception is on Thursday, February 21.  The winning student and supervisor's nominations will be forwarded to a national competition.  

Student Employee Nominees 2018

Cody Abner
Miriam Alarcon
Jewel Andrews- Mckinney
Amit Aswale
Baylee Bancroft
Ethan Barnett
Madison Birchmeier
Amanda Boelman
Noah Boot
Nicolai Brandt
Natalie Burdick
Margarita Carrillo
Kimberly Carroll
Victoria Claeys
Tommy Clark
Devon Comps
Jon Curtis
Mason Day
Kyle DeJohn
Marisol Dempsey
Bradley Denton
Amanda Dimmer
Courtney Dreyer
Mikhayla Dunaj
Taylor Dunn
Amanda Eminger
Melissa Ewing
Alex Fleck
Morgan Fleming
Grace Gettig
Meredith Gordon
Pooja Gosavi
Joelle Graves
David Gushee
Nastasia Harden 
Erika Hejl
Augusto Hernandez
Xueyan Hua
Julie Ingoldsby
Cori Ivens
Taylor Jackson
Linjia Jiang
Timothy Johnson
Emily Johnson
Tyler Jonatzke
Elissa Kedziorek
Douglas Keto
Annie Kustasz
Ashley Lacey
Jennifer Landers
Juli LaRose
Kyra Lusson
Gokul Manyapu
Bianca Miles
Justine Morneau
Lauren Nowakowski
Elisabeth Ohrnberger
Daisy Ortiz
Henry Oti Agyei
Laura Pantoja
Pranav Patwardhan
Nguyen Yen Van Pham
Andrew pitts
Ramondo Price-Yancy
Trevor Quinn
Andre Rattray
James Ray
Kristina Reed 
Greg Reilly
Sara Rodriguez
Yadira Rodriguez
Linda Roob
Jessica Ross
Brady Secord
Jonah Shafer
Madeline Smith
Bryce Starr
Jessica Tebbetts
Madison Thurston
Lynn Vega
Haiden Warmuskerken
Vanessa Weiss
Alex Whipple
Jayden Whitford
Jasmine Williams
Taylor Zajac
Francesca Zanchetta
Amber Zundel 

Student Employee Supervisor Nominees 2018

Alexia Alexander
Michael Berdowski
James Brand
Chad Edwards
Darin Leigh
Hailey Mangrum
Amy Seth
Bob Stewart
Jennifer Townsend
Sara Volmering

Congratulations to our 2018 winners

Undergraduate Student Employee of the Year: Jon Curtis, LBGT Services

Photo of Jon Curtis with Dr. Anderson

Graduate Student Employee of the Year: Kimberly Carroll, Residence Hall Life

Photo of Kimberly Carroll 

Supervisor of the Year: Alexia Alexander, Associate Director Financial Literacy/Plan/Outreach, Financial Aid 

Photo of Alexia Anexander with Dr. Anderson


  • Treat day - full-time staff bring in treats for student employees.
  • Take pictures - post student employee pictures and list what wonderful things they do for your department.
  • Send a special "thank you" letter to your student employees to show your appreciation.
  • Coupon booklets - insert coupons for a free snack, movie night at the boss' house, one dozen home-baked goodies, etc. Be creative in designing your own coupons.
  • Bookstore gift certificates are always a nice treat for students.
  • Notes home - send a note to the families of your student employees. Let them know what the student does, how their work impacts your department, and how terrific the student is.
  • Buy blank certificates and make up silly awards for students.
  • Office party - celebrate with food and great conversation.
  • Friendship plants - take cuttings from a plant in the office and give to each student as a live connection to the office.
  • Pat on the back - draw an outline of your hand on a piece of paper and copy for each student. Write a note that tells the student why they deserve it.
  • Use this week as an opportunity to start an award recognition program. Look around the office for a white elephant item. Name the item for the award and make the first presentation of it during Student Employee Appreciation Week.
  • Make a banner to hang for the whole week in your office.
  • Decorate an office bulletin board or the office door for the week in recognition of your students.
  • Good Egg Award - buy plastic Easter eggs, fill them with goodies and give out with "good egg" certificates. List what the student did to deserve the award.
  • Care package with cookies and treats.
  • Evaluate your student employee's performance and give them feedback.
  • Buy a pizza for your students or have a potluck. gather gift certificates from local vendors.
  • An award ceremony for your student staff.