University Guidelines for Student Pay

student employee structure

  • Student Employee -SE- Level 1, Step 1, was set at the State of Michigan minimum wage.
  • Steps can be used for optional raises, initiated by the department.
  • A fourth option "SEQ" is available for highly skilled positions requiring pay rate exceptions beyond SE3.3.  There are no steps for SEQ level.
  • In the rare instance when a pay rate above $20 per hour is justified, documentation must be provided by the hiring agent. These exceptions are reviewed and approved on a case-by-case basis.


Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

SE1 $9.25 $9.45 $9.65
SE2 $9.75 $9.95 $10.15
SE3 $10.25 $10.45 $10.65
SEQ Between $10.66 and $20 per hour. Rates above $20 per hour require prior approval.

General guidelines for determining position level

SE1: Position requires minimal skill; training is provided. Direct supervision provided. Routine work with minimal judgment needed.

SE2: Position requires some skill development; can be brought to the position or learned on the job. Direct and indirect supervision is provided. Uses independent judgment within limits.

SE3: Position requires previous skill development. Indirect supervision provided. May provide work direction and supervision to other student employees. Uses independent judgment to solve problems.

SEQ: Position requires specialized skills. Works independently, with little to no supervision.

Rate changes