University Guidelines for Student Pay

Student employee structure

  • Departments can opt to pay a student anywhere in the pay band, as long as the rate falls between the lower and upper band limits.
  • The student employee -SE1, is set at the State of Michigan minimum wage.
  • The third option "SEQ" is available for highly skilled positions requiring pay rate exceptions beyond SE2.  
  • In the rare instance when a pay rate above $50 per hour is justified, documentation must be provided by the hiring agent. These exceptions are reviewed and approved on a case-by-case basis.

Student employee pay rates effective January 1, 2022

SE1 $9.87 $10.24
SE2 $10.25 $10.84
SEQ $10.85 and greater. Rates above $50 per hour require prior approval from Career and Student Employment Services in order to be processed.

General guidelines for determining position level

  • SE1: Position requires some skill; training is provided. Direct and indirect supervision is provided. Uses independent judgment within limits.
  • SE2: Position requires previous skill development. Indirect supervision provided. May provide work direction and supervision to other student employees. Uses independent judgment to solve problems.
  • SEQ: Position requires specialized skills. Works independently, with little to no supervision. 

Rate changes

Change in rate requires submitting a new transaction through student employment online transactions

New job codes/titles and new grades

Please note that effective July 1, 2019, WMU introduced new job codes/titles. Each title now includes a grade with the description, e.g. Stu-Office Assistant SE1.