Leadership and Business Strategy

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Craft your career at WMU Haworth

At the Haworth College of Business, students craft their careers with experiences that take them outside the classroom and their comfort zones, leading to increased confidence and job opportunities. Hear from Jake—in his own words—about how WMU Haworth has supported him.

Leadership and business strategy

Leadership and business strategy gives you a competitive advantage and accelerates your career, no matter your major. You will gain the skills most desired by top companies—leadership, teamwork, and strategic problem solving. The LBS program culminates in two internship-level consulting experiences where you solve a strategic business problem for two different companies. Through these experiences, you will grow personally and professionally in a community of the hardest working, most ambitious students at WMU.   

Why study leadership and business strategy?

  • Stand out in a crowd: Leadership and strategic problem solving are extremely important but also rare skills among undergraduates. We solve this deficit through our leadership and business strategy program, giving you a competitive advantage that translates into more job opportunities, higher pay and the chance to accelerate your career.
  • Real-world experiences: You will engage in two internship-level consulting experiences focused on solving real problems, with real companies, with real CEOs, and with real consequences. Your learning directly impacts people’s lives. This makes learning incredibly relevant, meaningful and engaging.
  • Leadership experience and development: You will lead a team of seven peers on a consulting engagement with a real company. This gives you an unprecedented opportunity to become a leader by actually leading. We surround you with other student leaders and executive mentors to create a community dedicated to honing your leadership ability. 
  • Personal growth and transformation: You will grow as a professional and a person. Challenges, responsibility, self-reflection and a welcoming environment give you the clarity, confidence and self-knowledge necessary to thrive no matter your career path. 

Center for Principled Leadership and Business Strategy

The Center for Principled Leadership and Business Strategy serves students, executives and the West Michigan business community by providing deeply immersive opportunities that combine education and professional business experience. We undertake large scale consulting projects, executive mentorship for students, designing “learning spaces of the future" and supporting students in acquiring and operating small businesses.

Who studies leadership and business strategy?

Leadership and business strategy can only be taken with a second major or as a minor. This is because leadership and strategy are skills, not business functions like marketing, human resources or finance. The hardest working, most ambitious students join us, and they come from nearly every major, including sales and business marketing, product design and innovation, finance, marketing, computer information systems, integrated supply management and more.

Leadership and business strategy coursework

Required courses

  • MGMT 2020—Leading in Business Organizations
  • MGMT 2500—Organizational Behavior
  • MGMT 3010—Leadership and Business Strategy I—Practicum
  • MGMT 4010—Leadership and Business Strategy II—Practicum
  • BUS 4750—Crafting and Implementing Strategy

Electives (three credit hours required)

Students are given the flexibility to focus their coursework on their areas of interest.

For more information on course requirements visit the WMU catalog.



If you have questions about the leadership and business strategy major and its career options, contact:

Dr. Doug Lepisto

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