Computer Information Systems

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Computer Information Systems

The computer and software industry is rapidly growing, and a computer information systems degree from Western Michigan University’s Haworth College of Business will provide you with a strong foundation in business principles, as well as extensive training in information technology—a winning combination that employers seek.

To succeed in this ever-evolving world, our undergraduate information systems program will instill practical skills to give you the broad and thorough business and technology knowledge you need for a successful career in the IT profession. Some of the many career opportunities include web and mobile application development, IT security, business analytics, database administration, customer relationship management and more.

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beyond the classroom

As a computer information systems student at WMU, you will be eligible to apply for merit-based program scholarships. To qualify, you will submit an online application that outlines your qualities as a student.

If you're interested in hearing about the latest trends in technology straight from industry leaders, you'll want to attend the Western Michigan IT Forum. This on-campus event has featured high-profile speakers from companies such as Google, Kellogg, Pfizer, LinkedIn, IBM, Cisco, Microsoft, Stryker, GM, Quicken Loans and Thompson Reuters.

computer information systems coursework

Core courses

  • Please note, sequencing for the required courses must be as follows: (1) CIS 2600 2) CIS 2610 (3) CIS 3600 (4) CIS 4600 (5) CIS 4990
  • CIS 2600—Object-Oriented Programming for Business 
  • CIS 2610—Advanced Programming for Business 
  • CIS 2720—Cloud Computing Applications
  • CIS 3600—Systems Analysis and Design 
  • CIS 4600—Business Database Applications 
  • CIS 4640—Business Data Mining 
  • CIS 4990—Enterprise Project

Elective courses

Elective courses vary based on the student's selected career pathway.

Read more about prerequisites, core courses, career pathways and electives in the WMU Catalog.

career placement

The U.S. Department of Labor reports that employment in computer and information technology occupations is projected to grow 13% by 2026, faster than the average for all occupations.

Possible job titles include:

  • Database administrator
  • Business analyst
  • Web/Mobile application developer
  • Software developer
  • Customer relationship management analyst

Organizations that employ our students include:


For questions about the computer information systems major (coursework, advising, etc.), contact the program's major coordinator:

Dr. Muhammad Razi
Office: 3289 Schneider
(269) 387-5524
Email Muhammad Razi