Computer Engineering (B.S. in Engineering)

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Does developing new technology appeal to you? When you earn a degree in computer engineering, you will become expert at the intersection of computer science and electrical engineering to make a professional impact in this important field.

Pride points

  • 97% of College of Engineering and Applied Sciences graduates participated in experience-driven learning

    2022-23 Career Outcomes Report

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  • $70K - $80K median starting salary for College of Engineering and Applied Sciences graduates

    2022-23 Career Outcomes Report

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  • 95% of College of Engineering and Applied Sciences graduates are working or continuing their education

    2022-23 Career Outcomes Report

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What can I do with a degree in computer engineering?

Once you earn your bachelor's degree in computer engineering, you will be prepared to take on challenges in a number of industries in positions such as

  • Automation, or computer control of machining, assembly or other manufacturing processes
  • Computer-aided design systems, in which a part of the design process is carried out by computer
  • Speech and pattern recognition
  • Data communication between computers
  • Computer peripherals, such as sensors, terminals, displays, printers, readers and other input-output devices
  • Microcomputers and their applications

Here are a few of the many companies where our graduates work:

  • 3Cloud
  • BorgWarner
  • Consumers Energy
  • Graphic Packaging International
  • Nexteer Automotive
  • Western Diversified Plastics

Anika Tabassum

  • The entire technological landscape seems to be shifting, leading to many exciting projects such as hardware accelerators that enable the widespread use of artificial intelligence, neuromorphic computing, and the advancement of e-textile technology for identifying health conditions.

    Anika Tabassum, computer engineering student


  • Are scholarships available?

    Yes! A number of scholarships are available for students enrolled in the computer engineering program at Western. We encourage you to apply for all scholarships that match your interests, career goals and financial or academic needs.

Resources for students

Student working with modeling software at computer station

Resources for students

When you earn your bachelor's degree at WMU, you'll have access to all the resources and activities you need.

What will I do in the computer engineering program?

As a computer engineering student, you will learn to research, design and implement the operation and application of electronic digital computer systems. You will study the architecture and physical construction of digital computers as well as important programming aspects.

Computer engineering requirements include:

  • Circuit Analysis
  • Computer Architecture
  • Network Analysis
  • Data and File Structures
  • Digital Design
  • Signal and System Analysis
  • Microcontroller Applications
  • Electrical Design
  • Electronics
  • Digital Logic

Because all engineers must consider non-technical as well as technical factors in the design process, you will also take courses in the humanities, social sciences and communication. Design courses in your senior year cap off your studies and give you a practical, integrated experience in engineering design.

Accelerated master's

Fast track your learning with an accelerated master's

As a Western student, you can access more learning and save time in our accelerated master’s program. Weave graduate courses (up to 12 credits) into your WMU undergraduate degree in computer engineering, and earn both your B.S.E. and M.S.E. in just five years.

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