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Our approach

The latest digital marketing practices and trends will be at your fingertips, with learning advantages from competitions, to mentorship programs, to award-winning faculty, to tactical class settings that will prime you to be a marketing professional.

Digital Marketing and eCommerce Program

Be the person who influences digital audiences and inspires consumers to take action. The digital marketing and eCommerce major builds on a foundation of marketing principles with courses that focus on content creation, social media marketing, search engine optimization, digital analytics, web development and more.

This hands-on program is led by faculty who are experts in this evolving field and ensure the curriculum stays current with today’s digital techniques. You'll gain close to two years of professional experience to add to your resume—positioning yourself beyond entry-level positions upon graduation. Projects, student competitions and resources unique to the degree will expose you to real challenges in the digital world.

After graduation from WMU, your career will have you driving marketing efforts for companies in no time. From email campaigns, to social media strategy, to SEO audits, you'll be joining one of the most powerful fields as a marketing professional.

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Digital marketing that delivers on growth

Digital marketing is applicable to any industry as its increasingly important for companies to connect with audiences across touchpoints like email, social media and websites. Your experience in this program will be placed between leading faculty who care about your career and classmates who share your passions.

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Enhance your experience with focused resources

Whether you need career advice, personal and professional development, or a chance to meet other digital marketing students, our program gives you a wide breadth of resources so you can take full advantage of your WMU education.


Auden Ceithaml Quote

  • I’m learning skills in search engine optimization and social media that I had no idea about before, and that I find so interesting. I wouldn’t have been able to learn these skills in such a hands-on way if I had gone to any other college.

    Auden Ceithaml, digital marketing and eCommerce student

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