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    Interested in learning more about digital marketing and eCommerce? Schedule your personalized visit.

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    Digital revolution

    Since the pandemic, every minute counts as organizations shift their digital strategies, business models and customer interactions.

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    Dream teams

    Students launch mentorship program that offers early career preparation.

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    Ready to work

    With so many landing internships and gaining invaluable work experience, it’s no wonder that 9 of 10 Broncos are employed or in grad school within three months of earning their degree.

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    Schneider Hall

    As a WMU business student, you will be provided all the education and services you need to succeed.

Craft your career at WMU Haworth

Western Michigan University's interdisciplinary major combines the study of marketing and information systems to prepare students for careers in fields such as eCommerce, data analytics, digital marketing, social media, and web application development services.

At the Haworth College of Business, students craft their careers with experiences that take them outside the classroom and their comfort zones, leading to increased confidence and job opportunities. Hear from Phoebe—in her own words—about how WMU Haworth has supported her.



On the path to the next adventure

February 15

Graduate Manuela S. Villota Rivadeneira is ready for adventure. Her life's path has taken her from Ecuador and Colombia to the Haworth College of Business. Now she's on to new things as she begins her career in digital marketing in Chicago.

Elma Celebic wearing a graduation cap.

Motivated marketer

October 28

For Elma Celebic, there has been no greater reward than graduating from WMU. Among her successes: An internship with global media company Razorfish that led to a full-time career.