Stephanie Leon is a recent Digital Marketing and eCommerce gradute.The Western Michigan University digital marketing and eCommerce major combines the study of marketing and information systems to prepare students for careers in fields such as mobile marketing, social media, and web and mobile application development and services. Students study digital technologies, web applications, web design and digital marketing practices in order to solve contemporary business problems and meet challenges in the rapidly changing digital marketplace. 

Learning outcomes

  • Knowledge of marketing principles, especially as they relate to Internet marketing.
  • Knowledge of Internet information systems.
  • Ability to assess market potential, reach target markets, and conduct market research online or offline.
  • Knowledge of traditional e-business models, such as those used by Google, eBay and Amazon.
  • Knowledge of emerging e-business models.
  • Knowledge of, and skills in using, social media marketing.
  • Understanding of new technologies, hardware and software.
  • Familiarity with legal and ethical issues related to electronic business marketing.
  • Knowledge of mobile marketing technologies and techniques.
  • Knowledge of effective web and mobile design and usability.
  • Ability to develop web marketing strategies and applications.
  • Knowledge of search engine optimization and marketing.