The Department of Business Information Systems acquires funding for scholarships from various donors each year. The number of scholarships and award amounts vary year to year depending on funds and applications received. 

The application period for the 2022-23 academic year is closed.

General scholarship eligibility requirements

  • Declared major or pre-major in business analytics, computer information systems, cybersecurity, digital marketing and eCommerce, health informatics and information management at Western Michigan University. 
  • Overall WMU GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Enrolled full time – 12 or more credit hours
  • Expected graduation date of December 2022 or later
  • Complete one application to be considered for any of the scholarships offered through the Department of Business Information Systems.

If you are interested in becoming a scholarship donor or sponsor, please contact the department at (269) 387-5411 or email Elizabeth Eisenbach.

Please see the additional or specific requirements for particular scholarships below.

Endowed Scholarships

Ryan Potter Scholarship

Award details
  • Single, need-based award
  • Amount is $5,000
  • Renewable for one year (must submit new application)
  • Full-time student with a declared major in computer information systems
  • Michigan resident

Hunan Gardens Scholarship

Award details
  • Single award
  • Amount is $1,500
  • One-time non-renewable award

BlueGranite Scholarship

Award details
  • Two awards
  • Amounts are $1,500 and $1,000
  • One-time non-renewable award

Preference will be given to a qualified full-time student who:

  • is pursuing a business analytics major
  • has financial need 
  • is the first member of family to attend college or graduate from an urban high school

Dr. Bernardine P. Branchaw Scholarship

Award details
  • Multiple awards
  • Award amount varies
  • One-time non-renewable award

John W. Snyder Scholarship

Award details
  • Multiple awards
  • Award amount varies
  • One-time non-renewable award

Non-Endowed Scholarships

Business Information Systems Scholarship

Award details
  • Multiple awards
  • Award amount varies
  • One-time, non-renewable award

Various Non-Endowed Scholarships

  • Based on funding available in the current academic year

Past Non-Endowed Scholarships since 2011

  • Auto-Owners Insurance Scholarship
  • BIS Advisory Council Scholarship
  • Denny and Susan Stults Scholarship
  • Eaton Corporation Scholarship
  • Hazarika Family Scholarship
  • Infutor Data Solutions Scholarship
  • Jason and Melissa Visser Scholarship
  • Josh and Emily Reeves Scholarship
  • McClendon-Lee Family Scholarship
  • Meemic Insurance/Redman Agency Scholarship
  • Mousavizadeh Family Scholarship
  • PureData Scholarship
  • Rea Family Scholarship
  • Richard and Shelby Burton Scholarship
  • Rienzo Family Scholarship
  • Secant Technologies Scholarship
  • Steelcase Scholarship
  • Tarn Family Scholarship
  • Visiting Angels - Kalamazoo Scholarship
  • Windstream Scholarship