Bachelor of Science

The bachelor's degree in cybersecurity requires completion of 122 credit hours. You will build your cybersecurity knowledge and skills through interactive course content and projects. This interdisciplinary program leverages the strength of the Haworth College of Business and the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, giving you twice the resources in terms of career events and services, student and professional organizations, and more.

Required Courses

  • CYCS 1110: Computer Programming 1
  • CYCS 1120: Computer Programming 2
  • CYCS 1200: Programming in C for Cybersecurity
  • CYCS 1310: Foundations of Cybersecurity
  • CYCS 2110: Cryptology Concepts and Techniques
  • CYCS 2230: Basic Computer Organization
  • CYIS 2310: Ethics and Impacts
  • CYIS 2710: Windows System Administration
  • CYIS 2910: Linux System Administration
  • CYIS 3110: Cybersecurity Data Analytics
  • CYCS 3240: Secure Systems Programming Concepts
  • CYIS 3600: Secure Systems Analysis and Design
  • CYIS 3660: Cybersecurity Management Principles
  • CYIS 3900: Secure Web Applications and Technologies
  • CYIS 3910: Network+
  • CYCS 4540: Operating Systems for Cybersecurity
  • CYIS 4600: Secure Database Management Systems
  • CYCS 4710: Security+
  • CYIS/CYCS 4910: Cybersecurity Capstone Project 1
  • CYIS/CYCS 4920: Cybersecurity Capstone Project 2

You may use flexible transfer pathways to maximize credits taken at community colleges.

Current tuition rates are available from the Office of the Registrar.

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