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If preventing data breaches, cyberattacks and online threats excites you, our online and in-person cybersecurity offerings will qualify you for in-demand positions that aim to detect vulnerabilities and ensure information security.

Protect the digital world

Learn how to fight online crime, defend data and strengthen security with a comprehensive degree in cybersecurity at Western Michigan University. This critical set of skills continues to be in demand as the digital world continues to advance on a global scale. All courses in this STEM curriculum are offered online or in person, and you can pick the format that works best for you. 

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How does a degree in cybersecurity from WMU benefit me?

With relevant examples and plenty of experience-driven learning, our programs are designed for you to develop sought-after skills, earn certifications and jump into the industry with success. You will understand and apply security principles to the hardware, software and human aspects of security systems and understand the ethical and legal ramifications of the choices cybersecurity analysts make. The cybersecurity degree program at Western is focused on providing you a STEM education that encompasses all aspects of the industry.

Student quote

  • Dr. Alan Rea’s class provided the highly challenging opportunity to design and program a working and secure web application as a team. This project solidified knowledge I already had, applied much of it to real world scenarios, and introduced me to concepts I may not have learned otherwise.

    Ben Breadon, cybersecurity undergraduate student

Unparalleled access to resources

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Unparalleled access to resources

Our cybersecurity program is a part of the Haworth College of Business and the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, providing students access to double the resources. From academic advising, career development and technology resources, students studying cybersecurity have a multitude of unique opportunities. 

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