Graduate students are in a group project in a Hyflex room at Schneider Hall.

Further your career

Offered in-person or virtually, the program provides real-world experience.

The master's degree in cybersecurity requires completion of 30 credit hours and helps you take your career to the next level. Advanced application of cybersecurity principles and concepts, derived from real threats, ready you to be the leader your organization needs to protect its data. You will build and enhance your technical skills in cybersecurity while also exploring skillsets in communication, project management and collaboration that senior leaders need.

Courses for the cybersecurity master’s program are offered online or in-person, giving you the ability to learn in the setting that suits you best—choose fully online without scheduled class meetings (asynchronous), or attend in-person at a set time each week (synchronous).

Admission Requirements

Students enrolling in the Master of Science in Cybersecurity program can be admitted to start in either the fall or spring semesters.

All admission materials are submitted through the online application system.

  • 1. Resume or curriculum vitae (CV)

    Submit a resume or curriculum vitae (CV) summarizing your work experience, academic background, certificates and publications.

  • 2. Letters of recommendation

    Submit three letters of recommendation. Please send all email requests for the recommendations from within the online application system.

  • 3. Personal statement

    Please prepare a statement which covers the following information, and attach it within the online application system:

    • Summarize your academic or professional experiences in information technology or cybersecurity and indicate how these experiences make you an ideal candidate for the program.
    • You are encouraged to note any exceptional accomplishments or projects, as well as any professional certifications in this statement.
    • Address how you see this degree aligning with your academic or professional goals; include your thoughts on how it may aid you in potential professional positions or future educational pursuits.

    This statement should be double-spaced, 500 to 1,000 words, and demonstrate your communication skills and writing competence.

  • 4. Transcript

    An official transcript from the institution from which you received your bachelor's degree is required, as well as a transcript from the institution(s) where any additional graduate level courses or degrees have been taken or completed.

Note: GRE is not required for admission.

International applicants will be required to submit additional documentation for immigration purposes. For internal admission, please consult timelines and requirements.

Attend a Virtual Information Session

Foundation Courses

Students must successfully complete the following courses:

  • CYIS 5710: Information Security Fundamentals
  • CYCS 5710: Network Security Fundamentals

Core Courses

Students must choose and successfully complete at least five of the following core courses:

  • CYCS 5730: Secure System Administration

  • CYCS 5740: Web Application Security

  • CYCS 5750: Software Development for Cybersecurity

  • CYIS 6710: Information Assurance and Security

  • CYIS 6720: Cybersecurity Governance, Risk Management and Compliance

  • CYIS 6730: Cyberwarfare, Cybercrime and Digital Forensics

Elective Courses

Students completing all six of the core courses must choose and successfully complete two of the following elective courses. Students completing five of the core courses above must choose and successfully complete three of the following elective courses:

  • CYCS 6730: Installation Hardening

  • CYCS 6740: Wireless Ethical Hacking

  • CYCS 6750: Network Penetration Testing

  • CIS 6300: Business Data Management

  • CIS 6620: Business Project Management

  • CIS 6660: Information Security Operations Management

Students admitted through the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences must take at least 18 credits of their classes in CYCS courses. Students admitted through the Haworth College of Business must take at least 18 credits of their classes in the CIS/CYIS courses.

All courses are offered online in a traditional 15-week-long format. View the course schedule here.

Current tuition rates are available from the Office of the Registrar.