Master of Science Course Schedule

Western Michigan University MS in cybersecurity courses are offered during the following semesters. If you have questions about course offerings, visit the Office of the Registrar or contact us.

This schedule is tentative and may be changed.

Course title and numberTerm offered       Credit hours
CYCS 6730: Installation Hardening (E)Fall I3
CIS 6300: Business Data Management (E)Fall I3
CYIS 5710: Information Security Fundamentals (F)Fall I/Spring I3
CYCS 6740: Wireless Ethical Hacking (E)Fall II3
CIS 6660: Information Security Operations Management (E)Fall II3
CYCS 5710: Network Security Fundamentals (F)Fall II/Spring II3
CYCS 5730: Secure System Administration (C)Spring I3
CYIS 6710: Information Assurance and Security (C)Spring I3
CIS 6620: Business Project Management (E)Spring I3
CYCS 5740: Web Application Security  (C)Spring II3
CYIS 6720: Cybersecurity Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance  (C)Spring II3
CYCS 6750: Network Penetration Testing (E)Spring II3
CYCS 5750: Software Development for Cybersecurity  (C)Summer I3
CYIS 6730: Cyberwarfare, Cybercrime and Digital Forensics  (C)Summer I3















F = Foundation 

C = Core 

E = Elective

I = First 7.5 weeks of a term

II = Second 7.5 weeks of a term