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    Leading the way

    The center is founded on the premise that the path to purpose and profit is in creating genuine value for others.

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    A new eight-week course trains professionals to become owner-operators of their own $1 million to $10 million company.

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    Students analyze data to identify answers to common business questions.

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    Leadership and business strategy gives students a competitive advantage.

Craft your career at WMU Haworth

At the Haworth College of Business, students craft their careers with experiences that take them outside the classroom and their comfort zones, leading to increased confidence and job opportunities. Hear from Jake—in his own words—about how WMU Haworth has supported him.
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Creating mutual benefit

The Haworth College of Business Center for Principled Leadership and Business Strategy believes the path to purpose and profit is found in creating genuine value for others. Making this a reality in business requires leadership and strategic thinking to maximize benefits across stakeholders. 

The center serves students, executives and the West Michigan business community by providing deeply immersive opportunities that combine education and professional business experience. You will undertake large-scale consulting projects, experience executive mentorship, help design “learning spaces of the future" and receive guidance in acquiring and operating small businesses.


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    Throughout his time at WMU Haworth, Charles Poole has learned that giving your best effort and fully committing to growth opportunities leads to success.

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    Defying disruption

    Leadership and business strategy students helped Haworth Inc. consider its dealer network in light of the current disruptive business climate and offered solutions for the future of its distribution.

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    A leader in the making

    Senior Tyler Earnst has an unmatched energy and passion for growing as both a professional and leader. He is all about learning by doing, gaining valuable skills and confidence in every experience he takes on at WMU Haworth.

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