WMU business college once again secures gold standard in accreditation

Contact: Stacey Anderson

KALAMAZOO, Mich.—Western Michigan University’s Haworth College of Business received a renewal of its accreditation from the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) International. AACSB accreditation is the most stringent set of standards worldwide for higher education in business. Less than 6% of business schools worldwide have obtained AACSB accreditation—and WMU Haworth is one of them, making it an excellent choice for students seeking quality education that is a good investment of their tuition dollars.

According to the AACSB website, “One of the worst feelings is paying more for something than it is really worth. That feeling is even worse when you graduate and find out that you cannot get a job with the degree you have. Or, when you find out that your future graduate school doesn't recognize your bachelor's degree. Don't take a chance on a school that may or may not provide you with what you need to succeed. You need a job after you graduate. And, you need to know that what you have learned will be useful in the workplace. AACSB-accredited schools are considered the best in the world. Be sure you only choose a business school with AACSB accreditation.”

WMU Haworth has maintained its AACSB accreditation since 1970 for undergraduate programs and 1981 for its graduate programs. Moreover, an additional set of standards applies to accounting programs, and WMU Haworth was re-accredited for undergraduate and graduate programs in accountancy. Less than 2% of the world's schools offering business degree programs hold supplemental AACSB accounting accreditation.

The latest WMU Career Outcomes Report highlights what accreditation reviewers experienced while on campus. WMU Haworth graduates have great career outcomes and are guided by passionate faculty and staff members who inspire them to learn and prepare them for their professions. In fact, many of the college’s programs have 100% ratings in a variety of categories, according to this internal data.

One of the key questions regarding AACSB accreditation is: Are students being prepared for the workplace? The answer is yes according to students like Shahriar Imran, a computer information systems major, who enjoys the experience-driven dimensions of his degree program.

"My coursework has been particularly impactful, providing theoretical knowledge and practical skills through case studies and project-based learning. This hands-on approach has deepened my understanding of data structures, algorithms and database management—parts of my field that are essential for my pursuit of data science. It has also been enriching to learn about IT’s ethical and societal implications in the modern business world, preparing me to be a responsible and insightful data scientist.”

The accreditation team learned about experience-driven learning in all programs and met with administrators, faculty, staff, advisory council members and students to ascertain the college’s overall success in preparing students for their future and the college’s plans for continued progress in everything from curricular development to research.

“It is gratifying to once again be recognized as a top business college in the world,” says Dr. Satish Deshpande, dean of WMU Haworth. “We work diligently to align our curriculum with both the high standards of AACSB as well as the needs of industry. Our approach to business education has been recognized by AACSB through re-accreditation continuously, and the reason why is that we constantly improve the delivery our degree programs, co-curricular offerings and student support services. This is a team effort, and every member of the college faculty and staff is involved in AACSB accreditation. I am thankful to our team for setting the standard for business education and student success.”

Visit AACSB to learn more about why accreditation matters.

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