Undergraduate and graduate programs that leverage leaders

  • A group of students are meeting in the study lounge at the Haworth College of Business.

    Leadership and Business Strategy Co-Major and Minor

    Leadership and business strategy gives you a competitive advantage and accelerates your career, no matter your major. You will gain the skills most desired by top companies—leadership, teamwork and strategic problem solving. The program culminates in two internship-level consulting experiences where you will be deeply immersed in solving a strategic business problem for two different companies. Your learning directly affects people’s lives, making internships relevant, meaningful and engaging. Through these experiences, you will grow personally and professionally and be among some of the hardest working, most ambitious learners at WMU.

    Accelerate your success

  • MBA Small Business Acquisition Course

    The MGMT 5050: Strategy for Buying and Operating a Small Business course is designed to teach you about entrepreneurship through acquisition. You will learn how to acquire a company and run it as a CEO. This process includes sourcing companies, filtering, conducting due diligence, deal structure and post-acquisition growth. You will be trained through the hands-on experience of vetting real companies and learning from successful alumni who have acquired or sold companies, or have worked in private equity. You may also benefit from capital investment from alumni to acquire and operate West Michigan companies.

    Become a business owner