Three students, one dressed in a business suit, are chatting in the Dean's Conference room.

About the Center for Principled Leadership and Business Strategy

The Center for Principled Leadership and Business Strategy at Western Michigan University provides a variety of immersive, innovative learning experiences at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Student Experiences

  • A student, who finished an internship with TikTok, is presenting their report in the Dean's Conference room.Interdisciplinary outreach through the leadership and business strategy co-major and minor.
  • Innovative, immersive, technologically enhanced action-learning that blurs the line between education and professional experience and integrates executive mentorship into the fabric of your learning experience.
  • A course for graduate students on small business acquisition that may also provide you with capital investment from alumni to acquire and operate West Michigan companies.
  • A retreat in which you will team with alumni to share a transformational experience focused on values, performance, profit and purpose.


  • Partnership with industry on large-scale consulting projects that elevate companies’ purpose and profit.
  • Conferences focused on leading profitable businesses that are able to make a greater contribution to customers, employees, suppliers, community members and society.
  • Executive education sessions on leadership and strategy that explore creating genuine value for others.


  • Innovative spaces that enhance problem solving.
  • The center will oversee initial redesign and continuous updating of “learning spaces of the future” in the Haworth College of Business, which will help you partner with West Michigan companies to collaboratively solve business problems.