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Leadership and Business Strategy Consulting

Western Michigan University’s LBS Consulting helps small-to-medium sized companies answer the strategic questions that are essential to growing with purpose and profit. WMU’s business consultants deliver world-class insights to clients by deploying three unique assets:

  • Two Ph.D. business faculty with deep expertise in strategy and professional experience in management consulting.
  • 100 undergraduate students in the Haworth College of Business, competing in teams.
  • Access, collection and analysis of a vast amount of specialized data that is tailored to your business.

These assets provide incredible scope and scale to enhance your business’s growth and profitability.

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Our consultancy team provides unique insights to leverage your business.

Consultancy Projects

  • Bronconess Students learned how to create a purpose-driven brand that creates mutual benefit for customers, the university and alumni. Modeled after cause-driven brands like Newman's Own and TOMS, Bronconess profits fund scholarships for leadership and business strategy students.

  • BlueGranite Students worked with BlueGranite, a data and analytics consulting firm, to identify strategic growth opportunities through deployment of artificial intelligence-based offerings. Students conducted research to identify levers that maximize success and provided recommendations on attractive industries to enter.

  • Revolution Farms Students engaged with Revolution Farms, an indoor agriculture company, to inform pricing and product mix through in-depth interviews and surveys. The students collected data across the Midwest to assess market size and estimate realistic market capture. Recommendations had significant implications for operations, branding and growth strategy.