Aviation Management and Operations

The aviation management and operations program focuses on the business and managerial aspects of the aviation industry. Our students will complete coursework in general education, aviation topics, and business courses including economics, finance, accountancy and marketing. Aviation courses include aerodynamics, aviation safety, aircraft systems, meteorology, airline management, airport management and international aviation. A student’s experience will culminate in a senior capstone project that includes the development of a business plan and utilizing an airline simulation to put the plan in action. The program curriculum is closely aligned with a general business minor from the Haworth College of Business. Students need to take one additional course to complete a general business minor.  Students that complete the Aviation Management and Operations program have completed the prerequisites for the Master of Business Administration—MBA—graduate degree at Western Michigan University and allows for a smooth transition for individuals wanting to pursue an advanced degree.

The aviation management courses prepare students for a variety of roles in the aviation industry. Management and operations students have the opportunity to gain industry experience through internships. The College of Aviation has developed standing internship opportunities for students at airlines, airports and corporate flight departments.

Graduates are hired to work in a variety of positions for airlines, airports, corporate flight departments and support areas. Some of the positions graduates hold include scheduling, dispatch, customer service representative, client services representative, and account manager. This list is not meant to be exhaustive, these are some of the common organizations that alumni work for and graduates are advised to explore all possible career options. There are numerous career opportunities with an aviation management and operations degree.

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