Aviation Minors

In addition to the three bachelor’s degree programs, the College of Aviation offers three minors that students can elect to participate in.

Aviation science

The Aviation Science minor is available to all students at the University. Students that are seeking to enhance their undergraduate degree can learn about basic and advanced aviation topics.  Students can select courses that fit their interests.  Courses may include aircraft systems, aviation safety, aviation law, corporate aviation management, and airline administration.

2022-23 Undergraduate Catalog Information

Aviation Science Minor Curriculum


Air Force ROTC cadets and Non-AFROTC students can elect to take the Military Leadership and Aviation Studies minor.  The program emphasizes military leadership and a variety of aspects of the United States Air Force.  Military Leadership and Aviation Studies may include courses in the Evolution of the USAF, Air Force Leadership Studies, National Security Affairs, American Military History, and general psychology.

2022-22 Undergraduate Catalog Information

Military Leadership and Aviation Studies Minor Curriculum - AFROTC Option

Military Leadership and Aviation Studies Minor Curriculum - Non-AFROTC Option

Professional Aviation Preparation

The Professional Aviation Preparation minor is for students in the Aviation Flight Science program that have completed their private pilots license, instrument rating, and commercial pilots license. Students will obtain their Certified Flight Instructor—CFI, Certified Flight Instructor: Instrument—CFII, and Multi-Engine Flight Instructor—MEI—ratings. In addition to the earning the Certified Flight Instructor ratings, students have the opportunity to take courses and obtain their seaplane rating, or participate in the Jet Equivalency Training—JET—program.

2022-23 Undergraduate Catalog Information

Professional Aviation Preparation Curriculum

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