Association for Women in Aviation Maintenance

Our inspiration to organize came from the expressed need for women, in the maintenance and engineering segments of the aviation industry to have a means by which to communicate and support each other.  Most of us have experienced the loneliness of being the only one or one of a handful of women in our position at work or school. AWAM chapters give members the opportunity to support each other locally through regular meetings and networking.

The Mission of this chapter is to promote all students’ professional growth and diversity in the aviation maintenance fields by acting as a self-growth resource to the students of Western Michigan University. The Vision of this chapter is to have a community where the students of Western Michigan University, through leadership, programming, service, networking and diversity, have the opportunity to become engaged in the atmosphere of learning. As a chapter, the goal is to bring together a network of women and men in the same community with the same passions. Chapters reach out to the local community and other AWAM members providing an awareness to young women and men considering a career in aviation maintenance.

AWAM members are maintenance technicians, engineers, teachers, scientists, vendors, managers, pilots, and anyone who supports women in the industry. You must maintain your membership with AWAM national to participate with the WMU chapter and apply for AWAM's scholarships.