At the College of Aviation, safety is not just a rhetorical exercise. Safety is a practical exercise in risk identification, measurement, and mitigation. The focus on safety is broad and extends from the classroom, to the laboratory, to the flight line, to the skies above them all. The culture of safety impacts everyone at the college. Safety is at the core of what we do. The equipment and training tools used by the college, and the manner that individuals utilize the equipment, demonstrates the College of Aviation’s commitment to safety.


A key element of the safety program is the software that enables any member of the college: faculty, student, or staff, to conveniently report safety-related concerns, incidents, or events. The web-based system is based on methodologies employed by government agencies, major airlines, and other flight operations, and automatically generates e-mail messages to appropriate personnel throughout the process. Protocols have been established to determine event causation and, where appropriate, remediation without retribution. Appropriate actions will be taken throughout the process to continually ensure a safe educational and operational environment. Finally, the data that is collected is retained, in identified and unidentified forms, to access easy trend analyses leading to risk identification and mitigation. Should you have questions regarding the reporting system, please contact any of the Safety Committee members below. 

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Video of Safety Snippets: Post-flight Procedures

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