Aircraft Dispatch and Scheduling - Undergraduate Certificate

Aircraft Dispatch & Scheduling Undergraduate Certificate - College of Aviation



Aircraft dispatchers and schedulers are employed by airlines and corporate flight departments to effectively manage the ground-based taskings vital to safe and successful outcomes both for domestic and international flights. These individuals share the responsibility with flight crew members for preflight planning involving weather, equipment, aircraft performance, traffic delays, and processing of the appropriate documentation regarding each mission. Western’s Aircraft Dispatcher & Scheduling Certificate Program will properly prepare students to enjoy rewarding careers in this vitally important career path for enhancing safety of aircraft operations around the world.

Certificate Description:

 Western’s Aircraft Dispatching & Scheduling Certificate Program will prepare students with the appropriate knowledge required to effectively manage crew logistics, federal regulations, operational control, and safety management systems for ensuring compliance with complex aircraft operations.

Core Classes:

To maximize learner effectiveness, this Certificate program will utilize both traditional and hybrid teaching methodologies for delivering its content. The course meets standard semester guidelines prescribed by Western Michigan University regarding accumulated credit hours, student grading and matriculation status. (15) credit hours are required to complete this Certificate.

  • AVS-2510: Professional Flight II Theory (3-Credit Hours).
  • AVS-3290: Aviation Meteorology for Pilots (3-Credit Hours).
  • AVS-3303: Introduction to Aircraft Dispatching & Scheduling (3-Credit Hours). Offered-Fall 24; then only every Summer I session, starting Summer 25.
  • AVS-4110: Airline Flight Operations (3-Credit Hours).
  • AVS-4303: Applied Aircraft Dispatching & Scheduling (3-Credit Hours). Offered-Spring 25; then only every Summer II session, starting Summer 25.


Prerequisites for this Certificate program include:

  • Private Pilot Certificate, or
  • AVS-1510: Professional Flight I Theory (Ground Training), or;
  • AVS-1801: Unmanned Aerial Systems.

Program Objectives:

  • Explore the multifaceted roles conducted by an aircraft dispatcher.
  • Develop a foundational understanding of aircraft navigation, aircraft systems & limitations, communications, meteorology, and complex domestic/international flight planning.
  • Interpret instrument approach charts and standard operating procedures.
  • Establish fundamental knowledge regarding aviation weather theory and how it influences flight planning.
  • Develop knowledge regarding the regulatory framework governing commercial transport operations as facilitated through the help of aircraft dispatchers.
  • Build knowledge for passing the Aircraft Dispatchers Knowledge and Practical Exam(s).

Admission Criteria: 

-Current GPA of 2.5 or higher

-Review by the Selection Committee

-Private Pilot Certificate, or

-AVS-1510: Professional Flight I Theory (Ground Training), or;

-AVS-1801: Unmanned Aerial Systems


Industry Connections & Partnerships:

  • Kalitta Air (Cargo and Passenger Service)
  • Fortune 500 Companies
  • Southwest Airlines
  • Fractional Ownership
  • Delta Airlines


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