Aviation Recognition Dinner EID - 2016

2016 Aviation Excellence in Diversity Award Winners: Greg Lyman, Randall Rochon,  Former Dean Dave Powell (retd)

The Western Michigan University College of Aviation is dedicated to recognizing alumni, faculty, staff and supporters of the program for their accomplishments and dedication to the College. As part of the recognition program, the College of Aviation established the Hall of Honor and the Excellence in Diversity award.  These two recognitions are designed to reward those individuals, organizations or groups who have made a difference in the industry and have contributed to the success and recognition of the WMU aviation program.  While the Hall of Honor focuses on those connected to WMU who have contributed to the success of the aviation program in general, the Excellence in Diversity award is reserved for those who have excelled and dedicated their time in helping to diversify the aviation industry.

Excellence in Diversity

  • About - The WMU College of Aviation Excellence in Diversity award was created to recognize individuals or organizations who have committed themselves to helping to diversify the aviation industry.  With a passion to help increase the number of under-represented individuals into the aviation industry, the award winners are recognized for their long term involvement and dedication to introducing young mind to the field of aviation and helping to mentor those who have chosen to pursue the career.  Their involvement is counted by years, not by days or months and impacts many lives.  
  • Award Criteria - to be considered for the WMU College of Aviation Excellence in Diversity award, an individual or corporation must: 1. Be a WMU affiliate or graduate, which has had a significant impact on diversity in aviation, 2. Have demonstrated a commitment to community service on a consistent basis, 3. Have had a positive impact on the aviation students, faculty, and staff at WMU, 4. Have contributed to the engagement of incoming youth into the aviation industry, and 5. Possess a professionalism that maintains the integrity, character, and service of the aviation industry.

Hall of Honor

  • About - Respect, esteem, regard, dignity, and distinction.  These are all synonyms for honor, and words that define the individuals and organizations who have earned the privilege of being inducted into Western Michigan University’s College of Aviation Hall of Honor. In order to be considered for the award, the person or organization must be a graduate or an affiliate of the WMU aviation program who has achieved high levels of success in their chosen careers/personal lives. Additionally, recipients may also include faculty/staff, industry/organizations, or individuals who have provided significant contributions to the quality and success of WMU’s aviation programs through exemplary instruction, research, service, leadership, support, or charitable donations.
  • Award Criteria - to be considered for the WMU College of Aviation Hall of Honor, the individual or organization must: 1. Have demonstrated excellence in the aviation industry over time, 2. Have made exemplary contributions in their chosen specialties or profession, 3. Demonstrate service to the University or College, 4. Prove service to the nation or their community, 5. Have contributed to humanity.
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