AABI Approved Student Achievement Data

Areas of assessment

  • Program Educational Objectives—what we expect our graduates to be capable of performing at the time of graduation, three to five years after graduation, and ten years after graduation.
  • College Learning Outcomes—what skills and traits common to all College of Aviation students.
  • Program Learning Outcomes—what knowledge and skills do students need to acquire and demonstrate by graduation to meet the program educational objectives.
  • Course Learning Outcomes—knowledge and skills do students need to acquire and demonstrate by in each course in their program of study to meet the program learning outcomes.

Objectives and outcomes are measured in a variety of ways. Direct measures are those that can be quantified such as the score on an examination. Indirect measures are not directly quantifiable but valuable such as surveys and employer interviews.

Specific measures are determined for each objective and outcome and assessed on a regular basis. Data is analyzed and is the basis for program or course change. Follow-up assessment determines if changes have made the desired improvements. Assessment occurs on a regular schedule in a repeating cycle.