Why CFI at WMU


The College of Aviation at Western Michigan University offers the only comprehensive aviation program at a public university in Michigan, and with just under 1,000 undergraduate students, is one of the largest aviation programs in the nation. Backed by 80 years of aviation experience and our excellent industry reputation, the college is a powerful force in the future of aviation training. WMU is seeking qualified candidates to join our flight instructional team. Instructors are responsible for teaching courses in a Federal Aviation Regulation Part 141 and Part 61 environment. This is including but not limited to instruction for private, commercial, instrument, multi-engine and flight instructor courses. 


  • Commercial single-engine land certificate 
  • Single engine airplane flight instructor certificate 
  • Instrument flight instructor knowledge exam passed 
  • Serious candidates will have their instrument instructor rating 



  • Third largest collegiate aviation program in the United States 
  • Part 141 Curricula 
  • Highly regulated program makes an easy transition to the airlines 
  • TCO: Training Course Outline Comprehensive Part 141
  • Dedicated support staff with years of industry knowledge 
  • Motivated Students - future professional pilots 


  • 28 Cirrus SR-20s
  • 10 Piper Seminoles 
  • 1 American Champion Super Decathlon
  • 1 Piper Supercub on Amphibious Floats
  • 4 Cirrus simulators with a complete Cirrus cockpit and 3 projectors that provide a 12 foot tall, 220-degree wrap-around screen
  • 1 Redbird Piper Seminole simulator 

The Cirrus SR-20

  • The Cirrus SR-20 is a state-of-the-art, technically advanced aircraft, constructed primarily of composite materials and designed to be aerodynamically efficient. The single engine, low-wing monoplane comfortably seats four people. The SR-20 is FAA certified for dat, night, VFR, and IFR flight. WMU operates one of the largest Cirrus fleets in the nation, and was one of the first institutions to adopt a technologically advanced aircraft such as the SR-20. 

The Piper Seminole 

  • The Piper Seminole provides students with an opportunity to gain more multi-engine instrument experience at a lower hourly cost, as well as increase exposure to EFIS configurations. Seven of the multi-engine aircraft are equipped with Garmin 430, IFR certified GPS with integrated Nav/Comm and moving map capability, Bendix KX 65 Nav/Comm, Bendix King ADF and RMI indicator, and Bendix King electronic HSI. WMU also operates three Piper Seminoles with the Avidyne Entegra avionics system on-board and three Piper Seminoles with the G1000 avionics package. 


  • $20/hour as an initial instructor 
  • $26/hour after 350 hours of instruction given at WMU (and having instrument instructor rating) 
  • $5/hour additional when assigned as a multi-engine instructor 
  • $20/hour for non-instructional duties 

College Benefits 

  • Pay during indoctrination training 
  • Free proficiency time in aircraft and state-of-the-art simulation 
  • Reduced prices for pilot training 
  • Aircraft rental privileges 
  • Paid FAA medical 
  • Reduced price for JET course in CRJ Simulator 
  • Free sea-plane training after 1,500 hours dual given 
  • Assistance with CFI renewal 

University Benefits (available once receiving an Aviation Associate position) 

  • Employee tuition waiver (100%) discount 
  • Dependent tuition discount (75% discount) 
  • Community Blue Medical Health Insurance Plan 
  • Prescription drug coverage 
  • Paid holiday leave (8 days per year) 
  • Paid vacation (Starting up to 12 days per year) 
  • Paid sick leave (Up to 13 days per year) 
  • Other leave (FMLA, military, jury duty, bereavement) 
  • Tax deferred savings plan (403(b) and 457(b))
  • Flexible spending accounts
  • Campus parking permit 


  • CFII
  • Opportunity to earn your Multi-Engine Instructor rating 
  • Free sea-plane training with 1,500 billable hours 
  • Aviation Associate position 

Fly Often 

  • With over 700 flight science majors, there is no shortage of students! Current instructors have up to 8 students 
  • Consistent incoming freshman classes of ~200 students
  • Opportunity to fly Monday through Saturday, year round
  • WMU Flight Instructors average over 50-60 billable hours a month
  • University holidays guaranteed off 
  • Separate department dedicated to recruiting new flight students


  • Train in uncongested airspace 
  • Near complex airspace, such as KDTW and KMDW 
  • Southwest Michigan offers ever changing weather and elements
  • Tight-knit community and like-minded peers 

This Job Can Take You Places

  • Multiple airlines, corporate aviation companies, and the U.S. military are on campus each month, providing networking opportunities 
  • Access to WMU Career Fairs, such as Aviation Outlook Day 
  • Delta Propel Partner 
  • United Aviate Partner