• Students use state of the art flight training devices to complement the training curriculum.

  • The College of Aviation recently completed many renovations and upgrades, including all new tools and equipment, to the aircraft structures laboratory.

  • The hangar holds the Cirrus fleet and the aviation maintenance technology program labs.

  • The flight operations building is home to the Office of the Dean and flight operations staff.

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In 1997, the College of Aviation found its home. Throughout the aviation programs 75 year history, “home” floated from place to place. However, in 1997 that all changed when the aviation operations moved to the W.K. Kellogg airport in Battle Creek, Michigan. Not only did this move provide a permanent home for the expanding program, it also provided the foundation for the formal establishment of the College of Aviation and its ability to deliver comprehensive aviation programs in flight, maintenance and management.

Located on the east side of the W.K. Kellogg airport, the College occupies 92,000 square feet on 20 acres of the field. The Flight Operations Building is the former airport terminal and tower. Its space is now devoted to administrative offices, flight planning areas, and flight briefing/debriefing rooms. Immediately to the south of the Flight Operations Building is the Aviation Education Center. This building features several classrooms, a computer laboratory, a library, a lounge, faculty offices and the new wall mural spotlighting the 75 year history of the College of Aviation.

outside photo of the Aviation Maintenance Building from 1997

Further to the south, the College possesses four main storage hangars and the Aviation Maintenance Building. This building includes four classrooms and laboratories and six engine test cells. The Simulator Lab is located adjacent to the Aviation Maintenance Building and houses a Level 5 CRJ-200 flight training device, three Cirrus SR-20 Advanced Flight Training Devices—FTD's—and a Redbird full motion multiengine simulator. Additionally, the College of Aviation Research Lab is located in this building. The latest addition to the College of Aviation is the former corporate aviation hangar located between the AEC and the sim building. This new hangar will provide additional space for the expanding aviation maintenance program.

The airport is equipped with three runways and a state of the art air traffic control tower. The largest runway at the airport is over 10,000 feet long, making it the fourth longest runway in the state of Michigan.

Battle Creek—10,004 feet, KBTL

Detroit—12,000 feet, KDTW

Grand Rapids—10,000 feet, KGRR

Marquette—12,300 feet, KSAW

Oscoda—11,800 feet, KOSC