Skydive Broncos

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The Skydive Broncos are a nationally competing collegiate skydiving team, a registered US Parachute Association group member, a registered sport club at Western Michigan University, and the first registered 501(c)(3) non-profit collegiate skydiving team in the nation. Together, these attributes allow them to enact their mission to make accessible the transformative nature of skydiving - allowing any Western Michigan University student the opportunity to conquer their fear and rediscover themselves 11,000 feet above earth’s surface.

By gathering donations and sponsorships from individuals and businesses, they work to foster the sport of amateur skydiving, professional development, and experiential learning for all students at the college. Thus far, they have managed to assist 14 members in meeting the 25 skydive minimum required to hold a license and have managed to attend 3 national competitions in Florida, Arizona, and California. The 2022 collegiate competition was underscored by a first-place finish in the competitive 4-way and two additional top 3 finishes in Accuracy Landing.

 The team has been recognized in various publications:

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This team is paving the way forward to become the standard model for collegiate skydiving teams across the country. They continue to gain momentum not only within the state of Michigan, but within the international skydiving community as well.