Skydive Broncos

The primary purpose of the Skydive Broncos is to foster the sport of amateur skydiving at Western Michigan University. Our goal is to create an affordable competitive skydiving experience for all college students at WMU. We do this through gathering donations and sponsorships from organizations and corporate entities. We want the transformative nature of skydiving to be made available to any WMU student willing to go outside their comfort zone.

All students of Western Michigan University are welcome.

There are three tiers of membership:

  1. Member
    1. General members of the organization that can be involved in all social, SCC, and sponsorship related events
    2.  Initial jump fee is due before the members first jump is made
      1. Initial jump fees are $199 and include one tandem jump and still photos of the jump, as well as a Skydive Broncos t-shirt
  2. Voting Member
    1. Once someone has made a first IAD jump with the organization, said person is considered a member and will receive a membership card
  3. Jumping Member
    1. Must hit participation guidelines determined by the E-board by the end of every semester to be granted jumping status