SkyBroncos Precision Flight Team

  • 2016 NIFA Region III Champs!

    2016 Region III Results
  • 2016 WMU SkyBroncos Regional Team

    2016 NIFA Regional III SAFECON at Bowling Green, OH

The SkyBroncos Precision Flight Team represents the WMU College of Aviation by competing in National Intercollegiate Flying Association regional and national Safety and Flight Evaluation Conferences(SAFECONs). SkyBroncos was founded as a student organization at WMU in 1946 as a flying club and competed in their first NIFA SAFECON in 1947 winning the National Championship. Today the organization no longer operates a flying club, but our dedicated students still carry on the proud competitive tradition of the SkyBroncos at home and across the nation.

Video of WMU's Precision Flight Team: The SkyBroncos

The National Intercollegiate Flying Association exists today as a forum for collegiate aviators to expand their studies and further their careers by participating in competitive and non-competitive events, networking with industry and contemporaries, and applying themselves to go above-and-beyond their ordinary curriculum. The team participates in ground events including, Situational Comprehension Aircraft Navigation (SCAN), Aircraft Recognition, E6B Flight Computations, in addition to a plethora of flight events.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

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