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Why should I attend WMU's College of Aviation?

Just as Orville and Wilbur did on that eventful day back in 1903, you as well have taken a giant leap forward in your pursuit towards a career in aviation. Welcome to Western Michigan University's College of Aviation, one of the pre-eminent aviation programs in the entire nation. Western Michigan University is more than a flight school or an airframe and powerplant program, WMU’s College of Aviation is a university program offering four-year degrees in aviation flight science, aviation management and operations, and aviation maintenance technology. With over 75 years of aviation education, WMU has a long and storied history in the field of aviation, one that consistently places the College of Aviation in the in the upper echelons of aviation programs. As you begin your exploration into the offerings of the College of Aviation, please take some time to see how the College of Aviation’s program helps to prepare you for the real demands of a professional in the aviation field.

Due to high demand, students applying for Aviation Flight Science must apply for the Fall semester and complete their applications by the established deadline to be considered for admission into the program. Admission decisions for students applying to the flight science program will be released after each deadline has passed. Students seeking re-admission will be reviewed on a case by case bases.  Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.

A completed application, fee or waiver, and all required transcript(s) must be received by the following dates:

  • First-year application deadline: December 15, 2022. Admission decisions will be released mid-February 2023.
  • Transfer application deadline: February 15, 2023. Admission decisions will be released mid-April 2023.

There are a number of aviation programs throughout the United States. Each of these programs possess similar things (flight ratings, airframe and powerplant licenses, professional memberships), but they also offer unique experiences. As you investigate your options, start to determine the factors that are important to you.  Regardless of the rank, prestige or size of the institution, your educational success will be intricately connected to the happiness and satisfaction you derive from the institution you choose to attend.

Keeping those things in mind, Western Michigan University offers a variety of benefits that make the University attractive to many students. In addition to offering a number of distinguishing attributes, the College of Aviation is consistently recognized as one of the industry leaders in aviation education. When combined, these lay the foundation upon which future success can be built.

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