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The College of Aviation feels there is a niche in graduate aviation studies for a more business-centric program. Many of the graduate programs available around the country deal in aerospace engineering, aerospace science, or human factors. While all of these certainly play a critical role in the aviation infrastructure, they are very specific and do not offer the business and management experience that many employers are looking for.   

As a stand-alone certificate, the three core classes offer the students an opportunity to sharpen skills and knowledge of areas that are currently underserved in the academic world. The top three job titles across the Great Lakes States include cargo manager, data analytics manager, and financial planning and analysts. While we may not cover the cargo manager title directly, the data analytics is thoroughly covered in safety management systems and the financial planning and analysis will be covered in airline business management.

The CoA believes that, in partnering with HCoB and its MBA program, a student could graduate with the ability to serve in those business leadership and aviation management roles that are currently in demand. In offering courses in global industry and policy, airline management, and safety management, the CoA believes it can round out the MBA with electives that prepare students for high-level industry positions.  




The Aviation Administration Graduate Certificate is designed to prepare students for careers in aviation management through industry-focused curriculum.  AVS 5100- Safety Management Systems in aviation will introduce students to SMS; a complex system that is widely used throughout aviation today and will, likely, be more widespread as regulation continues to change. AVS 6290- Global Aviation Management and Policies will broaden students’ understanding of international policy making while tying it to business principles. AVS 5270- Airline Business Management will cover fundamentals and applications of modern airline business concepts to include revenue management, route management, and financial analysis.

Students will complete 9 credits to earn their Aviation Administration Graduate Certificate. 

Those wishing to complete the certificate as a stand-alone would be well suited for positions in safety management, aviation analytics, and policy making.

A student can opt to use the 9 credits as elective credits towards an MBA!

Those that complete the MBA degree with Aviation Administration Certificate will be well prepared for jobs in airline management, airport management/operations, aviation finance and revenue management.

Information about the MBA Program offered through the Haworth of College of Business is here: Master of Business Administration | Western Michigan University (wmich.edu)

Admission to the Aviation Administration Graduate Certificate:

  1. A resume or curriculum vitae (CV) is required.
  1. A 2.5 GPA in the last 60 credits of undergraduate work. This will be dropped to a 2.0 GPA if the applicant demonstrates relevant industry experience as determined by the applicant's resume/curriculum vitae. Students currently enrolled as degree-seeking in a graduate program at WMU with good standing will have the GPA requirement waived. 
  1. An official transcript from the institution from which you received your bachelor's degree is required, as well as a transcript from the institution(s) where any additional graduate level courses or degrees have been taken/completed. Applicants submitting documentation of courses taken/completed at WMU or applicants applying for admission as non-degree seeking may submit an unofficial transcript. 

The course work is intended for students that are enrolled in the MBA program through HCoB, as elective credits, or those with prior aviation industry experience. 

Coursework for the Aviation Administration Graduate Certificate will be conducted online in a Partially Synchronous delivery method.

The core courses are as follows:

  • AVS 5100- Safety Management Systems in Aviation (3 credits) (Fall Semester Only)
  • AVS 5270- Airline Business Management (3 credit) (Summer I Session Only)
  • AVS 6290- Global Aviation Management and Policies (3 credits) (Spring Session Only)

 To graduate with the Aviation Administration Graduate Certificate the following requirements must be met:

  • Completion of the core courses in the graduate certificate program with a “B” (3.0) or better average
  • A grade of “C” or better must be earned in every course listed on the program of study


Learning Outcomes

  • Analyze and interpret safety data at the master’s level (AABI 4.3.1.b)
  • Assess the national and international aviation environment (AABI 4.3.1.j)
  • Apply advanced qualitative and quantitative problem-solving skills to commercial aviation operations (AABI 4.3.1.m)
  • Identify the techniques, skills, and technology required for a safe and professional aviation practice (AABI 4.3.2.Program)


To Apply Click here:  Western Michigan University (site.com)

For any questions or more information please contact Mr. Kyle Jehnzen at kyle.d.jehnzen@wmich.edu