RID+I Programs

Interior design students talking about their work that is on a large LED screen.

Interior Architecture and Design

The Interior Architecture and Design program is a 4-year, CIDA-accredited professional degree that provides integrative learning through focused design studios; real-world, community-driven projects; immersive field experiences; professional practice and development initiatives; international travel opportunities; and advanced design communications that bring ideas to reality. Graduates are award-winning designers, innovators, and leaders in diverse industries from architecture, planning and preservation, exhibition and visual merchandising, textiles, furniture, practice management, and lighting design.

Product Design

Product design turns ideas into everyday reality. Designers use the design process to create products, devices, objects, and services that meet needs and solve real-world design problems. Our students focus their work in a variety of fields including product development, manufacturing, color and materials, software, and systems. The Product Design program will teach you to elevate both the function and aesthetics of all things made, from automobile and medical instruments to household appliances and office furniture. Graduates are employed by top-tier design firms and corporations across the country. 

Female product designer giving a presentation about her work.

Both Programs

Students are encouraged to combine their major with a minor in a complementary study such as (but not limited to) Business,  Entrepreneurship, Real Estate, User Experience/Human-Computer Interaction (UX/HCI), Environmental and Sustainability Studies, Philosophy, or Social Psychology.


Interior Architecture and Design (122 Hours)

First Year

IADN 1490 Design Communication 1
RIDI 1080 Form and Space 2
IADN 1500 Introduction to Interior Design
IADN 2200 Interior Design Textiles
ART 2200 Caves to Cathedrals
IADN 1560 Psychology and Philosophy of the Built Environment
IADN 1570 Design Communication 2
IADN 1590 Design Communication 3
CIS 1020 Intro Business Comp & Data Analysis
ENGL 1050 Foundations in Written Communication 

Second Year

IADN 2480 Studio 1: Space Planning
IADN 2500 Design Communication 4
RIDI 2420 Design History of Built Environment 
COM 1040 Public Speaking
WES Inquiry and Engagement Elective
IADN 2440 Interior Materials
IADN 2490 Studio 2: Residential Design
IADN 3530 Intro to Interior Construction
BUS 1750 Applying Business Fundamentals
ART 2210 Modern to Postmodern

Third Year

IADN 3510 Studio 3: Commercial Design
IADN 3550 Design Communication 5
IADN 3570 Interior Light and Color
ACTY 2100 Introduction to Financial Accounting
WES Societies and Cultures Elective 
IADN 3560 Intro to Interior Construction 2
IADN 3590 Commercial Design 2
MKTG 2500 Marketing Principles
WES Personal Wellness Elective
RIDI 4640 Design Internship Option 

Fourth Year

IADN 4510 Studio 5: Capstone
IADN 4520 Professional Practices
MGMT 2500 Organizational Behavior 
WES World Language and Culture Elective
WES Science and Technology 
IADN 4590 Capstone 2
RIDI 4530 Interior Design Project Management
WES Scientific Literacy with Lab
WES Local and National Elective
WES Global Perspectives Elective
RIDI 4640 Design Internship Option   


Product Design (122 Hours)

First Year

RIDI 1050
RIDI 1070 Form and Space 1
WES Quantitative Literacy 
WES Inquiry and Engagement
ART 2200 Caves to Cathedrals
RIDI 1040 Object Drawing
RIDI 1080 Form and Space 2
PDDN 1650 Product Design 1
RIDI 1600 Design Seminar
IEE 1020 Tech Communication
ART 2210 Modern to Postmodern

Second Year

PDDN 1610 Drawing for Design
EDMM 1500 Intro Manufacturing
EDMM 1501 Intro Manufacturing Lab
EDMM 1420 3D Modeling
MGMT 2140 Exploring Entrepreneurship
WES Oral/Digital Communication
PDDN 2650 Product Design 2
PDDN 2660 Materials and Processes
RIDI 1600 Design Seminar
FIN 2420 Entrepreneurial Finance
WES World Language and Culture
Studio Art 3D Elective 

Third Year

PDDN 3620 Product Design 3
IEE 3010 Product Design Service
ART 3210 Art History Topics
Studio Art 3D Elective
WES Science with Lab
RIDI 1600 Design Seminar
RIDI 3680 Topics in Design
ART 3680 Special Topics in Design
IEE 3420 Ergonomics and Design
WES Local and National Perspectives
Studio Art Elective 

Fourth Year

RIDI 4650 Product Design 4
ART 3250 Writing About Art
Studio Art Elective
Entrepreneurial Elective
WES Global Perspectives Elective
PDDN 4980 Product Design 5
PDDN 4670 Thesis Project
RIDI 4640 Design Internship
RIDI 1600 Design Seminar
Entrepreneurial Elective