WMU offers a plethora of scholarships that students are eligible for automatically by registering with Scholarship Universe.

The Richmond Institute of Design and Innovation also offers portfolio-based scholarships. 

The Interior Architecture and Design portfolio scholarships acknowledge outstanding scholastic and studio achievements of students completing their pre-degree coursework in the IAD program who are accepted into the full IAD major.

The Product Design portfolio scholarships acknowledges outstanding scholastic work, artistic merit and academic promise for those entering the product design program. 

Students will be eligible for scholarship awards of distinction to recognize their efforts and encourage continued excellence. Students do not need to apply separately for scholarships. Going through the portfolio review process places them in consideration for scholarships automatically. Faculty and administration will notify students of an awarded scholarship within their acceptance letter. 

Available awards

Studio Excellence Distinction 

Student has notably high level of participation, enthusiasm, and collaboration within the studio environment. Student displays high level of professional behavior and reinforces a passionate, creative, and energetic studio culture among peers that bolsters morale. 

Portfolio Excellence Distinction 

Student has notably high demonstration of competency and skillsets shown through submitted portfolio. Portfolio is graphically consistent and cohesive, professionally formatted, and illustrates noteworthy achievement of studio project work or professional work. Portfolio is exceptionally memorable to reviewers.

Scholastic Excellence Distinction 

Student has high level of academic achievement and pursuit of knowledge. Student engages in deep level of research, inquiry, and academic involvement within the university community. Rigor, high scholastic performance, high GPA, and studious efforts are notable.

Community Excellence Distinction 

Student has notable participation in community and extra-curricular activities that deepen contributions to design studies. Student displays leadership skills and excellence in mentorship, volunteering, and/or participation in justice-based activities that benefit the greater good, support community members, and give back.

Professional Excellence Distinction

Student shows notable professional experience through internships, job shadows, field experience, attendance of networking events and participation in professional organizations. Student demonstrates ambition towards professional excellence in and out of the classroom, and takes advantage of opportunities to strengthen professional growth.

Experiential Learning Achievement Scholarship

The Experiential Learning Achievement Scholarship is designed to recognize and support students who actively engage in experiential learning opportunities that broaden their academic, personal, and cultural horizons. This scholarship celebrates individuals who demonstrate a commitment to hands-on learning experiences outside of the traditional classroom setting, such as internships, research projects, service learning, study abroad programs, or immersive cultural exchanges. Recipients of this scholarship have demonstrated a high level of initiative, curiosity, and adaptability in their pursuit of knowledge and skill development through real-world experiences. By embracing experiential learning, recipients have not only expanded their own perspectives but have also made meaningful contributions to their communities and fostered cross-cultural understanding. This scholarship aims to empower students to continue their exploration of diverse perspectives and to inspire others to embrace the transformative power of experiential learning.