Undergraduate Studies

You've got the passion, let's put it to practice.

A path in music isn't for the faint of heart.

It's for the full of heart, the dreamers, and the doers.

This path — your path — is where your passion meets purpose, where you'll give voice to what you have to say, and where your craft develops craftsmanship.

Your path begins here, at the Western Michigan University School of Music.

Undergraduate Programs Offered

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Here's how to apply to the School of Music: 

  1. Submit applications to both WMU and the School of Music, following the instructions listed on the Apply page. 

  2. Schedule an audition or interview on a New Student Admissions Day (dates listed on the Apply page). 

  3. Prepare your additional requirements such as a portfolio or audition materials as required by your program


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To discuss our undergraduate degree programs, contact Destiny Wallace at destiny.wallace@wmich.edu or (269)-387-4772