The Western Michigan University Irving S. Gilmore School of Music is dedicated to the advancement of the musical arts through traditional study and performance, while promoting the development of new musical paths, which prepare students for an ever-changing profession.

The Irving S. Gilmore School of Music serves local, state, national and international communities through performance, educational and therapeutic applications, composition, research, and technological innovation.

The Irving S. Gilmore School of Music

  • Develops foundations for achievement and professionalism
  • Cultivates expectations of high performance standards
  • Creates a nurturing environment for individual development
  • Provides education for a variety of career choices built upon a common core of knowledge and experience
  • Provides a faculty that is professionally active in creative activity and scholarly research
  • Promotes the highest standards in student-centered scholarly and creative research
  • Fosters highly selective programs in composition, jazz studies, music education, music therapy and performance
  • Educates students to perpetuate the arts in society
  • Contributes to the application of technology to the arts
  • Promotes an awareness of diverse music cultures
  • Provides the University community with experiences and courses that enhance appreciation and understanding of the arts

The Irving S. gilmore School of Music's objectives are

  • To provide education experiences in support of students' advancement in their career paths
  • To sustain a record of excellence in teaching, scholarly and creative research, learning and service
  • To contribute to the artistic enrichment of the University and local, regional, national and international communities